9th January

Caroline took a call from Hannah, Nige’s OT, this morning and she was super excited because she’s just done a Music Therapy session with Nige. They found a thumb app for Nige to play chords and he was jamming along while the therapist played guitar! Hannah was so moved she just had to phone Caroline. She described it as a magical moment. He will be having Music Therapy every Tuesday.

Nige had a very busy day doing all his therapies. He loved the music therapy SO much and got really emotional when Caroline told him that Hannah had called as she was so overwhelmed and just had to tell her about it.
He was sitting in his chair when Caroline arrived and she had a long chat with him, he loves being consulted about all major family decisions 😍

Nige quite tired, having a rest before Sally visited later.

Nige was left watching Man City vs Bristol City