8th November

What a stunning day.

Nigel’s family gained an additional member today. Kingsley Rex Povey was born at 2.30am. Congratulations to Nick, Sam and Marley.

Nige was told the news in the morning and can’t wait to meet his new grandson tomorrow.

Dad was given the message first thing and is delighted and loved seeing all the photos.

Duncan, Nigel’s brother who lives in France,  visited today and was with him all afternoon and had a lovely visit, really interacting with Nige and having some laughs and some tears.

Caroline, Maddy, Harry & Sally also visited and Nige was keen to show his Eye Gaze. Duncan loved meeting Harry for the first time!

He thanked Sally for everything but was very tired and spelt out “Bye” on the Eye Gaze, bit of a hint!