2nd February

We had an update from Nigel’s Key Worker today.

Psychology – mood is stable and Nige is completing some cognitive tests

OT – Nige still refusing to sit in chair for upper limb work. The cushion doesn’t seem to have improved sitting tolerance.

SALT – Nige will sit in his chair for trachy work. Key Worker suggested that he has given up a bit on his mobility a bit. Whilst Nige believes he will make a full recovery his number 1 goal is trachy out and talking, hence full engagement with trachy work. The new trachy is a venistration one, that is it has more holes for air flow, but he will still only be able to talk with cuff down. Apparently he said “music” today which is lush.

Discharge – There is a professionals meeting a week on Monday to talk about extending Nige’s funding. Fairly hopeful this will be given.

Caroline & Frankie visited Nige this evening  and had a nice uneventful visit . Frankie cut his nails which really needed doing! No suctioning again whilst they were there and Caroline noticed the new trachy makes a low whistling noise when he breathes, look out for that!

Nige said that he is getting bored, which is understandable and probably a good sign, when you’re feeling poorly you don’t feel bored do you?