29th March

Frankie went to see Nige tonight. He was cool and can talk a lot more now. She didn’t have to use the board nearly as much. Not much more to report – oh he said “wanker” to someone on Eastenders.

Update from Andy Nige’s physiotherapist. Andy said yesterday Nige did 24 hours with the cuff down and had no problems so yesterday they gave him a smaller trachy with no cuff. So there’s more air through his mouth now, and he’s managing his own secretions! They will review this over the next couple of weeks.

Andy said he’s noticed a positive shift in Nige’s mentality following Kate’s visit. Nige actually asked to have the boots on yesterday and wore them for 4 hours and has agreed that while in bed during the day he will wear them. Nige doesn’t want them on over night though – fair enough. Nige is holding his head up by himself a lot more in the chair. They haven’t removed the headrest just in case, but they have moved it back to encourage self support. The physio sessions have been relatively gentle for the past few months – because the focus was to get the trachy out and they didn’t want to compromise that – so from next week they will start to amp up the more physical activity physio and we should see some more positive advances in that area soon. Andy definitely sounded impressed with the latest surge of intent and focus and positivity!