24th January

*********NIGE SPOKE!!!!!!**********
In his physio session he was on the tilt table with cuff down and whispered hello then said hi and bye!!!!
We checked it all out with Che Ming and she confirmed everything and said now he has done it and is less dyspraxic, it should be happening more and more.

While Maddy, Harry and Caroline were there he was coughing, which can sometimes deflate the cuff, and when Maddy asked “do you need a suction” he said “yeah” clear as day!

Lazy leg was moving a lot too. Nige  is really going for it!

We have set a major goal, which Che Ming says is feasible. To get Nige to go to James and Laura’s wedding, see them married and make a speech in whatever way he can.

Nige is having his trachy changed on Monday, possibly to one with holes in the sides which will allow air flow and hence aid speech. This will depend on the review of his trachy data tomorrow.

He has also had a shave and was in great spirits though tired towards the end of the visit.