21st February

Big news! Kate Allatt is visiting Nige on Weds 14th March. Kate is a Brain Stem Stroke survivor who has made a full and complete recovery after being locked in. Kate visits people and gives advice to them and the medical staff. She has been through all of this and knows how to recover. From the research we  have done and seen after Kate has visited people make massive improvements. We are really looking forward to this and think this will be a great step in Nige’s recovery. Well done to Nick and Maddy for arranging this.

Caroline, Maddy and Harry visited today and Nige wanted to go to the lounge as soon as we they there. They all spent a lush hour in the lounge with Nige in his chair. Nige helped Maddy with a crossword. They saw Che Ming, who said that Nige’s swallowing is improving loads. Nige used to cough when he swallowed, meaning it was going down the wrong way, but this is happening less and less. We all need to encourage and remind Nige to swallow during visits.