21st August

Nige is taken into theatre. 2 clots in his brain stem are discovered, but the damage is too severe to operate. He is then sent to the Intensive Care Unit The family are called to the hospital, to be given the news that Nige is very unlikely to survive. It is apparent that he is still conscious, but unable to move. More family arrive. Throughout the day, the Neurosurgeon and ICU Consultant perform checks on Nige. In the evening, the family are told that Nigel only has hours, if not minutes to live. Family and friends begin to see Nigel for what they beleive will be the last time. Nige is not told of his fate. After many hours, a lot of family and friends go home, while Caroline, Nigel’s brother, Ralph, his wife, Louise, Nigel’s son, Mat, his sister-in-law, Gill and family friend, Sally, stay with Nigel overnight.