17th January

Caroline, Nathan, Maddy & Harry went in to see Nige today and he was in a good mood. Apparently Nige has had a good old moan about yesterday. (Hannah dropped him in it)

His Key Worker rang Caroline for an update and they have noticed an upturn in his mood this past week and a real motivation to get cracking. He didn’t know about the feet crossing and was pleased to hear about it.

Caroline asked how Nige was progressing overall and he said the mobility is slower than expected but the communication side is faster. He then said “When he was locked in” …… and Caroline was like, rewind! He doesn’t think Nige is still locked in but is going to ask the doctors for a formal diagnosis. That would be great news!

Caroline asked again about getting rid of the trachy and he said that is the number one goal and that they are fairly confident Nige will then be able to start talking again.