14th March

Stun day for Nige today with his visit from Kate. Very inspirational and honest lady. She has encouraged us to do Nige’s exercises with him as part of our visits.
He sat in the chair for 4 hours straight today with cuff down the whole time. Said Hello Harry really clearly and when Kate asked, What sort of hospital doesn’t have a cafe and dad said This one!
Kate is very hopeful for Nige’s recovery as she said he has the right mindset and the support of his family. Nige is further along his road to recovery than many people she has visited. Its all about belief and hard work and Nige has never been afraid of that!

Also, was a lush moment when Harry was sat on Nige’s lap, and Nige leaned forward to kiss his head! He also sat with his head not resting on the head rest a couple of times for about 5 mins, which Kate said is really important to do.