23rd October

Good news today – 2 rooms have become available at Mount Elton. They are decorating the rooms and having peg refresher training this week. According to Brokerage Nige should be in before his op

Nige was in good mood tonight, Caroline showed him the video tour of upstairs and caught him up on all the news. Frankie cut his nails

They are saying Nige may move this week but we will confirm as soon as we know.

21st October

Caroline had a lush afternoon in the garden with Nige and Auntie Gill. This morning Nathan, Maddy and Harry visited and Nige saw Harry walk.

The operation has been rescheduled for Thursday 1st November. Nige will arrive at BRI at 7.15am.

20th October

Caroline saw Nige with Deon this evening, he was OK and pleased to see Deon.
A nurse came in and said there had been an issue with handing over the notes to the BRI on Friday.

19th October

So, Nige got to hospital and got sent back without having the operation as there wasn’t a high dependency bed available. Really disappointing as an early start for Nige and a day wasted.

18th October

BIRU just called to update us today and Nige is having his op at the BRI tomorrow, not St Michaels as previously thought. They are now saying a bed has been booked for 2 nights though this can be flexible.

17th October

Nige in a better mood this week. Chilled and chatted with Frankie last night and today Caroline went up with Maddy and Harry. Nige went on Facebook and signed a birthday card for Jimi’s mum.
Operation to repair the trachie while is on for Friday but shouldn’t require an overnight stay.

12th October

Frankie and Caroline visited Nige and he was in a much better mood than he has been lately tonight! Had SALT and OT today. He was showing off some left leg movements.

10th October

Poor Nige  had a bit of a miserable morning, the usual sorts of things just all piled up, but Caroline, Maddy & Harry took him out in the garden to cheer him up.

9th October

Caroline had a call from Brokerage today to confirm that Mount Elton are really excited to have NIge and that BIRU are happy for him to stay there until a bed becomes available.

Nige was very coughy tonight. Frankie did some jamming

The trachy hole is due to be stitched up on 19th October.

8th October

Mat visited Nige this evening and heard that he has been provisionally accepted to the Mary Elton home, just waiting for a room to become free and the paperwork of the confirmation.

He was sick while Mat was there from the feed but feels fine

4th October

The assessment is being done on Monday now. Delayed as the room which was available has been filled.

Nige much brighter tonight, was doing the quiz when Frankie and Caroline arrived. They came 2nd. Showed Nige lots of photos of Ross and Lucy’s wedding, there were some lush ones of Ross in tears watching the video message from Caroline and Nige.
Nige was telling them about Music Group. There was a competition to give marks to 3 tracks, one by Michael Jackson, one by a famous band and one by Kikamora. Kikamora won easily!!!!! Nige was telling everyone that it was his daughters band, so proud!!!!
Updated Nige on nursing homes and he was cool

3rd October

Maddy, Caroline and Harry had a visit at another Clevedon Nursing home today. Mount Elton, just behind St Nick’s. Really nice, manager is really keen to have Nige,  ground floor big room (lift is too small for Nige’s chair and a nurse). They are going to assess Nige tomorrow. They were really interested in Nige and his story. The manager has nursed another man with full locked in! The patients were all very with it, out of their rooms and socialising, so Nige would never just be left alone in his room unless he wanted to be. Let’s hope the assessment goes well.

Caroline went to see Nige and he likes the sound of the nursing home.

2nd October

Nige had a bad day, lots of moaning about BIRU but he was really glad Caroline and Frankie came up as we cheered him up.

Had to give him the bad news that Arrigadeen do not have space available at the moment.

30th September

Nick called in to see Nige today and Nige had been sick this morning, this gave him a bad cough for an hour or so!

Caroline & Sally called in early afternoon and Nige was tired and not feeling himself.

Caroline called BIRU in the evening and they said Nige had managed to get lots of rest in the evening and was feeling much better.

28th September

Caroline & Frankie had a lovely visit this evening.
Nige said the guy yesterday from the home seemed to know all about him and that he used the board ?
He did lots of talking in SALT today which made Che Ming cry!
Discussed the Kavanaugh hearing in depth, Nige knew all the ins and outs!

27th September

Nursing home staff went to visit Nige today. Meeting went really well. They are going to check out a few things and have refresher training on peg feeding and will ring Caroline on Monday to let us know for definite if they can take him.

Mat visited Nige this evening and said that Nige was cool. Nige said the staff came and assessed his care needs and it was “fine” and the guy seemed really nervous which amused Nige. Nige said he will get a small room at first. He’s shaved and fresh. 

26th September

Caroline, Maddy & Harry visited Arrigedeen Care Home today which is a potential for Nige. It was lush! So caring and friendly. Really seemed to get Nige’s needs and were interested in his unique story.

Caroline has told the Brokerage team and the next step is the home will do their own assessment with Nige and if they can definitely meet his needs it will be all systems go.

25th September

Nige  as a hearing aid! Went to St Michaels to have it fitted. When Frankie and Caroline arrived he asked if they noticed anything different and they didn’t so he was really chuffed, it’s tiny!
Nige was quite coughy tonight. Frankie played some banging tunes and Nige loved it.

Nige has been going deaf for years and after the stroke he said he couldn’t hear well in his left ear.

21st September

Nige  still feeling a bit under the weather, he was sick yesterday on the way to and from his pre op appointment, for sewing up his trachy hole. Also sick today.

However, he is very excited about a nursing home in Clevedon and Frankie showed him their websites and he likes them both ? Tina Britton has spoken to a friend who knows about the local homes and says they are both good and has given me some advice on what to ask about.

19th September

Caroline, Maddy and Harry visited and while they were there the Social Worker rang. Nige will be given a Re Enablement Placement which is funded for 6 weeks and Community rehab will visit him at the placement.
Caroline spoke to the Brokerage team and they will send a list of homes tomorrow. Then it will be a case of researching and visiting the homes and making a decision.

Feels like things are moving!

16th September

Ralph and Lou came down yesterday and went to see Nige in the afternoon.
Jessica and Katie sang and danced for him and despite being very tired from last night, Nige managed to say a few words to them and a new thing, blowing kisses

15th September

Ralph and Lou came down yesterday and went to see Nige in the afternoon.
Jessica and Katie sang and danced for him and despite being very tired from last night, he managed to say a few words to them and a new thing, blowing kisses!

13th September

Nige  was ill today had to go to southmead and nearly couldn’t come tomorrow but he can now phew and may be accompanied by a nurse… although while he was adamant that was the case, the nurses changing his peg weren’t as certain.

11th September

Lovely visit for Caroline and Frankie this evening. Frankie played Beatles tunes and Nige was using his voice quite a lot. He’d been to ENT today and they are going to stitch up his trachy hole at St Michaels which will means staying in for a couple of days.
Nige is fed up with BIRU now, time to move on. Apparently he missed a couple of his sessions yesterday because they hadn’t got him washed and dressed.

9th Spetember

Frankie went to see him today and gave Nige all the details about Fridays gig.
Frankie noticed that Friday night’s excursion was not in Nige’s calendar so will make sure they know about it this week.

8th September

Caroline went up with Gill, Maddy and Harry. Mike Britton and his son, Kieran,  were there when they arrived. They went to the lounge and Harry was really chatting to his grandad, using the board and climbing up in his wheelchair.

7th September

Caroline popped up after work and surprised Nige as she wasn’t going to visit today. Had a lush chilled visit and Nathan called in and took Caroline back on his way back from London.

5th September

Nige had another assessment today, to determine whether health or social care will take over his funding. The lady from the council thinks partial health funding is most likely, but let’s all keep hoping for full health funding, as this would be the best option.

4th September

Nige was good tonight but is a bit anxious about discharge.
He loved Marley in his uniform! Big day tomorrow!

Nige has chosen his outfit for the gig, hanging in the wardrobe !

31st August

Caroline went to see Nige tonight and he was showing off some lazy side movements, hand doing really well and Caroline massaged lazy foot and got some moves going.
Nige was quite emotional this evening but Caroline put that down to her amazing keyboard playing……..

Pete also called in to see Nige today

30th August

Mat called in to see Nige tonight. He didn’t want to be shaved today as he’d been to the dentist and hated every second. He just wanted to rest and asked Mat to do it next Monday.

29th August

Caroline went up to see Nige today. He was having SALT while Caroline was there which was mainly toothbrushing today. Che Ming was telling Caroline about the referral she has made to community services. She said he would probably only get SALT once a week. There are still issues with Niges swallow and he will be seeing an ENT specialist hopefully before he is discharged from BIRU.
Tried to get Nige to go on Facebook but he said not today

Nick saw Nige this evening, had a laugh about life and stuff! Nige is looking forward to Marley starting school pictures.

28th August

Caroline went in to for the Social Worker meeting with Nige today. She was very nice and was talking about Nige being discharged to a nursing home in the next couple of weeks. The Discharge Co-ordinator at BIRU dies not think it will happen that quickly as community rehab services need to be put in place.
Nige will then get another NHS funding assessment, which he should pass as his needs are so high. This would be great because then it is fully funded. If not, it will go under Social Services and we may have to pay something towards the cost of the nursing home.
We filled in the form to see if we qualify for the home adaptation grant and she could see our financial situation and said we may not have to pay.
The next step is that the Social Worker writes her report and they start looking at homes.
Nige was very tired but insisted on being in his chair for the whole meeting. Legend.

27th August

Caroline and Mat saw Nige last night, he was pretty chilled and had had a quiet day. He went on Facebook for about half an hour and enjoyed it though it does tire him out

24th August

Nige in a good mood tonight. Did some Facebook stuff and chatted about the gig in the 14th. He seems re energised about that, probably because Andy Ewing came to see him today with the Kellys.
Nige is keen to go to the gig. Frankie is going to play sax with the band. Exciting!

21st August

Caroline and Frankie were up with Nige this evening and they did the quiz in the dining room with loads of other people! They came third but it was very close.

20th August – 1 year on……

Well it’s been a year. All of our lives have changed so much and we have been on a big journey together.

Nick summed it all up very well with this message to the family this morning

“Morning all – Not the best day today… be positive though and think about how much we have achieved in the last 12 months rather than what we have all been through, you all should be proud of yourselfs and hold your head up high.”

Thank you all for your continued support for Nige and the family. It means a lot to us all. We have a long way to go and there will be bumps along the way but we will get the bastard!

18th August

Busy day for Nige with visits from the Charles’s, Nick & Marley and Caroline & Auntie Gill.
Gill and Marley made some improvements to the den.
Nige seems a bit flat this week and is still moaning about staffing levels, though not too bad today

17th August

Caroline and Frankie had an emotional visit this evening as they were going through my witness statement which brought back lots of bad memories. Nige came up trumps though and corrected a detail I had got wrong.
Nige was tired afterwards and had a good moan about staffing levels at BIRU.

15th August

Nige was pissed off today as his hearing appointment was cancelled and Special Effects didn’t turn up yesterday.
He had fun playing with Harry and hearing all about Caroline, Maddy and Harrys trip to Tenby.
The consultant popped in and discussed a few medical bits, botox end of the week and managing the sickness.
Nige will be watching the Summer Panto this evening

14th August

Frankie called in to see Nige this evening and he was good . A bit coughy but otherwise fine. Said the nurse was like a bull in a China shop today. He was happy he saw Lisa and Gill yesterday. Had a chat and played some tunes as usual was a nice visit ?

12th August

Quick visit fir Nathan, Maddy and Harry today. The iPad had been off since the end of the football season so Nathan had taken it away to get all the updates done and back working.

Football and films now working and left a very happy Nige watching Bladerunner 2049

11th August

Rob Hunt called in to catch up with Nige this morning.

Caroline, Nathan, Maddy and Harry called in to see Nige today. Nice visit and Nige feeling much better.

Harry was trying to use the board with Grandad

10th August

BIRU said Nige scored a 1 on his obs this morning which is the best score apparently so he’s much better.

SALT have put together a booklet of basic needs for the night staff to use.
Nige was feeling much better and using his voice quite a bit which was lovely.

9th August

Nige was ok tonight. Mat visited and gave him a shave. One of the staff bought the quiz in that Nige missed so they did that, NIge smashed the quiz but was less good at the picture round. He was sick again this morning and although he says he feels fine, his oxygen was quite low and there’s talk of him perhaps going to southmead but they’ll let us know.

8th August

Nige has rested lots and is feeling better today. Saw a doctor, she has said that the trache hole needs to be covered at all times to get it to heal quicker. She thinks air getting into it may have cause the choking. She has referred Nige to ENT at Southmead, to look into possibly stitching it up. She said this will also make eating and talking easier ? Nige was sleepy but happy, and gonna sleep before some games this afternoon.

7th August

Nige was really poorly tonight! Was sick and then was choking for about 5 min. The staff were on it straight away, did full set of obs which were fine and chest massage to get him to cough. No obvious cause but they were all ready to suction him though that wasn’t necessary in the end. His chest sounded clear afterwards but they are going to do extra obs tonight.

4th August

Family BBQ at the green near BIRU

What a fantastic day – Family BBQ with Nige up on the green by BIRU. Nige was amazing, not only did he last 5 hours in the chair but he played rounders and had a bit of Thatchers Haze.

2nd August

Lush evening visit for Caroline and Frankie. Nige was in his chair when they  arrived so they took him outside as it was such a beautiful evening. Frankie showed them where the nature reserve was and Nige loved it, lots of dogs came up to say hello.
Andy and Tricia visited this afternoon and they were chatting about the fundraising gig. He loved seeing them.

1st August

When Caroline, Maddy & Harry arrived is was Patient Forum. The big boss of the entire unit was there and Nige had an advocate with him. Well, Nige monopolised the whole thing! It was amazing to see a man with no voice contributing and being really heard.
They then went out in the garden and Nige showed off his lazy arm moves, very impressive, he is trying so hard.
He is really missing home ?

31st July

Nige as good tonight, Caroline played Peanuts for him and Frankie did her usual set. They chatted about the work which has been done upstairs at home and how clever his design is.
Ray is back at Frenchay so that is good, he’s working on the acute ward still but pops in to see Nige. Charlotte from Southmead is going to be working at BIRU from September so Nige is chuffed.

29th July

Caroline and Gill saw Nige today. He was feeling smug having win the quiz this morning! Gill had printed out 2 photos of Lisa’s graduation for him and he was very proud. Sure he will be telling all the staff that she got a first!

Had a good chat about everything that has happened to the family over the past couple of years and spoke about all the good times as well.

28th July

Caroline and Frankie had a Lush visit . Inspected the den and then went back inside to show Nige their holiday photos and play some new Kikamora tracks. Nige very tired by the time they left but is loving life in his new room

25th July

Caroline, Maddy and Harry visited Nige today.

Nige was tired today having been on the tilt table this morning. Went out in the grounds (not by the den but it’s still standing!) and chilled, watching Harry play with his new windmill. 2 lovely old Labradors came to say hello and Nige was asking how old they were.
Met a lady who works as an advocate, she’s really nice and acts as Nige’s voice to raise concerns.

24th July

Nice chill this afternoon for Caroline, Nick and Nige in the grounds. They were talking about when Nige had the stroke and those early days in Intensive Care.

Special Effects came in today and have set Nige up with controls for Facebook, dead exciting!

Caroline went to skittles with Nige !

22nd July

Caroline, Nick, Sam, Marley and Kingsley went to see Nige today and were again out in the garden having fun. Nick and Marley built a den!

21st July

Busy day for Nige with lots of visitors but great fun out in the sunshine.

Started with Caroline, Ralph, Louise, Jessica and Katie going up to see Nige. They were then joined by Nathan, Maddy, Owen, Ruby and Harry. They also brought up Reuben, Nige’s dog.

Great time out in the gardens and Nige threw the ball for Reuben!

20th July

Just had a nice quiet visit for an hour, just Caroline and Nige.

Nige was in a really good mood and excited to see the scan photo of Maddy and Nathan’s new baby, due in Feb 2019. Nige also enjoyed telling Kay the nurse all about it.

Nige has some caramel pots of joy in the fridge for his eating trials.
Ralph, Lou and the girls are coming down for the day tomorrow

18th July

Nige good today, did lots of wees in his bottle while Caroline, Maddy & Harry were there and was watching Harry explore the new room. Voice was better than usual too.

17th July

Frankie and Caroline sorted out the new room a bit and put the pictures, postcards, kids pictures and letters up.

Nige was good and he loved seeing Caroline and Frankie through his window when we arrived and left, potentially hours of fun there! He had a visit from an old friend today, Brian Crewe, so was happy about that. Bit chesty but otherwise fine.

16th July

Mat called in to see Nige today.

Nige’s new room is cool and he likes it. It’s bigger and has a view over the car park, so he can see activity and not feel cut off from the world. Smaller tv but he doesn’t care. He was in a great mood and was happy

14th July

Gill visited Nige and got told that he will be moving room on Monday. As Nige  is no longer highly dependant! Just needs to get up and walk now the lazy bugger!

Gill put Nige on the phone to speak to Caroline whilst she was away and she  told him about her holiday. Nige spelt out that Rob and Candy had been to see him and he was delighted to see them.

10th July

Rob Hunt visited Nige today. Great visit and Nige good but was tired after the long catch up.
Nige loved the surprise visit – It has been 8 months since they saw each other as Rob has been off travelling.

6th July

Caroline and Sally took Nige out into the grounds this evening. Doing really well without his catheter! Lots of chatting about the wedding and Carolines holiday. Caroline and Nige exchanged anniversary cards (thanks Frankie!)

5th July

Frankie saw Nige tonight and he was good! Watched a bit of tennis, had a little chat and played some tunes.  Nice casual evening.

4th July

Hope you can all see the brilliant writing Nige did on Frankie’s card! Best ever! Also, no wee bag today, the legend!

3rd July

Tonight’s visit started really well with Caroline, Frankie and Nick chilling out watching the football and updating Nige about the building work. However, towards the end of the game Nige hot overexcited and was sick, coughing loads and sweating. Staff on it straight away but it wasn’t very nice.

1st July

Caroline had a stun visit with Nige today, Suzanne and her daughter Cora came with Caroline and Gill and it turns out she has loads in common with Nige! The football was on and she was well into that and they talked loads about music as she has recently seen Massive Attack, one of Nige’s faves, and was into lots of the same stuff. Nige seemed to really enjoy chatting to her.
Caroline then took Nige out into the garden with Gill and they showed him Graham’s eulogy from Steve’s funeral which was very emotional.
Nige was also telling Gill his proud he is of Lisa and how he wishes he could go to her graduation.

30th June

Caroline, Nathan, Maddy & Harry visited Nige today. Was a lovely day so went for a walk to the green to enjoy the sunshine.

Nige has managed to watch every game of the world cup so far…..

29th June

Caroline and Frankie visited Nige and he was feeling a bit sick tonight, might be because it was so hot. He had an anti sickness injection so will hopefully be ok.

Nige had 2 visitors from work today and Tim Crisp also came in. Tim finds it hard to go to Frenchay as he was treated for his brain injury there. He gave Nige lots of encouragement and said Nige was climbing a mountain and he had only had to climb a hill. Nige really appreciates his visits.

Frankie played guitar for him which was lovely as always. He was mouthing along to the songs!

Caroline and Frankie nagged Nige for not talking enough lately and he told is he concentrating on eating in SALT. He did tell Caroline he loved her out loud so he is forgiven.

27th June

Caroline, Maddy and Harry visited Nige today and he was very tired today but that didn’t stop him going out to the meadow. Nige also did half an hour in the gym. Caroline, Maddy and Harry were with Nige for the gym and he was doing weights with his left arm and kicking a football. Was really fun to watch, Harry kept clapping!
Left him watching the second half of a match

Also 5 spoons of yogurt today and lots more shoulder movements, both shoulders!

26th June

Caroline and Frankie visited Nige tonight and he was in such a good mood, he loved yesterday the most! Also he has washed his own face and eaten 8 spoonfuls of yogurt.

He loves the idea of going to the zoo with everyone.

Frankie trimmed his nails and we left him enjoying the football.

25th June

James and Laura’s wedding day !

Great day for everyone and to have Nige at the ceremony and the speeches was simply amazing, It was a perfect day and thank you to everyone that made this happen.

24th June

Nick visited Nige in the afternoon and Nige was well happy with the football (England result) Was nice and cool in his room, lots of smiles and laughs ?

Mat called in later on to see Nige and gave him the fresh trim treatment and he is ready for the wedding tomorrow. ??


23rd June

Caroline, Gill, Nathan, Owen, Ruby and Harry all went to visit Nige this afternoon. The weather was amazing so they all went out in the garden  to enjoy the sunshine.

Nige made sure he was back inside to watch the football. He hasn’t missed a game yet!

22nd June

Caroline and Frankie had a lovely visit with Nige this evening. He’s so pleased that Monday has been sorted and had done a speech for Caroline to read.

Frankie played a blinding set of tunes and the staff were clapping!

A nurse told us that he saw Victoria (old SALT) when he went for an appointment at Southmead and she was delighted to see him and sends us all her love.

19th June

Nick saw Nige again today. Nige said that he went back to southmead this morning for a check up on his catheter and all was good, he was really happy and wide awake.

Nige in a good mood tonight and was kept busy helping to choose the carpets! He was half watching football and half listening to Frankie play guitar. Caroline  was getting frustrated by his lack of voice and Nige said to cover the trachy hole and bingo! Talking Nige! Maybe not one for everyone to do. He’s back to Southmead later in the week for shoulder injections.

17th June

Maddy went to see Nige this morning. He is feeling fine, saw the consultant who said his temp is still a tad high, but no other problems. Plan is to get back to BIRU tomorrow before the football!

15th June

Big day for Nige – He is collected by Mat in a Taxi and taken to Steve’s funeral. He is able to attend the service and stay for a while to see family. A very emotional day for the family.

Nige has been sent to Southmead with a temperature. Looks like they will be keeping him in. Nige had been feeling a bit unwell but refused to mention it as he wanted to come to the funeral

13th June

Caroline saw Nige this morning as he has a hospital appointment this afternoon for injections in his shoulders.
When Caroline arrived, Wheelchair Services were there sorting out his new wheelchair (the manual one). It seems far less bulky than the old one and easier to manoeuvre.
Caroline had her training session with Che Ming and fed Nige 3 spoonfuls of chocolate mousse. Went really well but Caroline had to cover the trachy hole with her finger so it might not be for everyone! Only Caroline is allowed to do it for now.
Took Nige  out into the garden with Maddy and Harry for a bit which was nice.

12th June

Nige in a really good mood tonight. His voice us coming back and we love it.
Caroline and Frankie visited and Frankie showed him photos from Download and he loved them. Lots of laughs and positivity. Got him to sign some cards and he did really well. An old friend had visited today so that was nice.
Tomorrow Caroline is being shown how to feed Nige chocolate mousse!

11th June

Nige has sunburn on his legs but refuses to wear suncream because he doesn’t wear suncream lol.

Nige was sick today, he thinks because of the heat, but he was fine otherwise

10th June

Nige had a lush visit in the meadow again with Caroline, Sam, Nick, Marley and Kingsley. Nige had cuds with Baz and Marley did loads of running around, so much nicer than being in a hospital room.

Nige had a bath this morning! He said it was uncomfortable and took 2 hours in total but he feels better for it. He was in a good mood and loved watching the grandchildren play, that’s 2 days in a row!

9th June

Lush visit with Caroline, Maddy, Owen, Ruby and Harry
Took Nige to the meadow again, actually got the chair on the grass! Owen and Ruby climbed up a huge pile of rubble and built a new civilization on the top. Saw some dog walkers and a lovely dog came and said hello to Nige. Made him miss Reuben.

8th June

Frankie saw Nige and he was doing good. He was having an OT session with Hannah. She was doing this thing where Nige had to pick up pegs each with harder springs in.

6th June

Stunning afternoon with Caroline, Maddy and Harry. They took Nige to the meadow by the staff carpark and he was in great spirits, loving watching Harry frolicking!!!!!

5th June

Nige was good today. Caroline went up and the same nurse was on as last night and they chatted about moussegate, also spoke to the SALT. Basically, the feeding must only be done by them at the moment. The plan is to train Caroline and then for her to show everyone. Nige said he was jumping the gun and everyone agrees that we can blame him.

The retired engineer who is making an arm rest for Nige’s wheelchair came in with a prototype, lovely old guy, chatting away with Nige about engineering stuff. Hannah thinks the way Nige is progressing he may not even need it.

Caroline was with Nige for his yogurt eating, doing well.

The music therapists came to say goodbye to Nige and thanked us for our feedback which they used in a presentation this morning to apply for more sessions. Caroline showed Nige the videos which he loved.

Nige was tired after all this so Caroline left him to have a rest until Frankie visited in the evening.

Frankie saw Nige in the evening and he had a surprise visit with Sally too!

Frankie told him about the Kikamora recording and he can’t wait to hear on Friday! Frankie played him some tunes which he loved.

4th June

Busy day for Nige with Music Theorpy and a few visits.

Nick and the boys went to see him.

Last Thursday Nige asked Mat to bring some chocolate mousse in for him on the next visit, today was the day! Nige was loving it the most, then the nurse said we weren’t allowed to anymore. Nige was upset because Che Ming said it was ok. Mat felt bad cus he only had like five spoonfuls but we agreed to stop until Che officially gives the go ahead. Otherwise Nige was great.

2nd June

Maddy, Nathan and Harry visited today.

Nige was resting lots today after his busy week! He was good though, complaining about the weekend staff though! Very chatty and was looking forward to the football tonight

31st May

Mat visited this evening and Nige was in the best mood, they had a great chat about his experience and memories of when he had the stroke. Nige doesn’t remember hardly anything of being in ICU, and he was pissing himself that the first word he spelt was ‘bank’ he doesn’t remember at all.

Nige had mash and beans and beef today and he actually loved it so much!

Mat also gave Nige a shave

30th May

Nige ate mash potato and gravy today! He was proper happy about it. He has also powered through his pain and has started moving his shoulder! His OT thought he would never be able to.

He had a visit from Ava the therapy dog today, which was lush. Maddy, Harry, Caroline, Gill and Lisa visited, and Nige was in a lush mood.

29th May

Caroline a lovely visit today with Mike Freyne. They all joined in singing group and Caroline and Nige have been asked to write a testament to how beneficial the group is in the hope of getting more activities like this at BIRU.
They were with Nige during his OT session, spooning lentils from one container to another and putting tiny pegs into holes, all about improving coordination and honing fine motor skills.
Mike was amazed at Nige’s progress and heard his voice for the first time in 9 months which was a very emotional moment. They chatted about football and stuff.

Mat and Frankie visited in the evening, Mat didn’t shave Nige as he considered Mat too hungover to go near his face with blades. Frankie played tunes which Nige and Mat loved!

27th May

Gill and Suzanne (Joss’s mum) visited Nige this afternoon and played him videos of Joss’s new songs. Nige then played them his Blue Pyramid stuff and was telling them about Rich playing guitar on some of the tracks. Nige was also telling them how pretty Che Ming (SALT) is (lol)

26th May

Caroline, Maddy & Ruby went to see Nige today. It was a lovely sunny day so they all went out in the garden and played “Who am I”

24th May

Nige was in a good mood this evening. He had half a pot of yogurt today, the most ever! Potato soup will be the next thing, he’s so excited!

23rd May

Nige had his FEES today. Really horrible procedure. It confirmed the problem areas with his swallow, which are what Che Ming expected. She is now going to work on these specific areas, to get Nige onto pureed food. Nige was exhausted from being at the hospital in his chair all day, and was a little down about the results. Che Ming assured him that the results were not bad, just highlighted where work needs to be done. She is gonna teach Caroline how to feed him.

22nd May

Nige in a good mood this evening. He was having his toenails cut when Caroline & Frankie arrived. Nige liked seeing Dillon last night, especially as he brought Thatcher’s Gold!
Frankie played him lots of songs and Caroline played Peanuts, well you can’t have everything!

Nige is no longer attached to the monitor! Only 2 more wires to get rid of now!

Tomorrow Nige is going to hospital for FEES (to check his swallow, he had this done ages ago so should be a big improvement) also having his hearing checked.

19th May

Mike visited Nige just after lunch today and was with him for an hour. Nige was up in his chair and they had a good catch up.

Nathan went to watch the FA Cup final with Nige.

FA Cup Final day and Nige is ready;

17th May

So, Nige has been on the exercise bike today! Amazing!
All the staff are absolutely over the moon about the trachy and are saying it opens up so many things he can go to now, gigs etc. They all want him to stay at BIRU.
His voice is still not great but we’ve told him to work harder!

16th May

Busy day today. Caroline, Maddy, Harry and Nige had a meeting with the therapists and consultant about what happens next. They assured us that Nige will not just be booted out once funding runs out. First step is to tell NHS about the trache coming out, and seeing if they will extend funding. If not, they will contact the council to see what they suggest ei, to extend funding at BIRU, fund rehab elsewhere or a nursing home. Nige will not be sent home until home is suitable. The council decides whether Nige needs to be cared for under health or social services. It may take some time to come to a decision.

Everyone put forward their goals for Nige, which are to get more function from his left arm so he can use a tablet, lift food and drink to his mouth and perform basic hygiene, keep working on Nige’s swallow and voice, specifically simple key words like yes and no and to continue bladder training. Everyone was positive that these were realistic and achievable. The SALT Che Ming is going to put forward a case to keep Nige where he is for as long as possible, which is what he wants.

Caroline, Maddy & Harry stayed for a SALT session and saw Nige eat for the first time! He had yoghurt and managed each mouthful perfectly. He was struggling a bit when he first had yoghurt a few weeks ago, but he has made great progress with this. The aim is to get him to manage pureed food.

Harry and Nige had a lush moment when they were sticking their tongues out at each other!

Caroline saw Steve from the Benevolent Fund this evening, and they spoke about continued help and support with financial needs, and specifically them supplying an electric wheelchair, as the NHS will only supply a manual one. Steve will take this to the committee. Overall a lush day, feeling much more reassured.

15th May

The trachy is out!

Nige hardly has any voice at the moment but that’s just because of the procedure. Really big step in recovery !

Nige was out in the garden with 2 work mates when Caroline arrived. Caroline and Nige then both went to the singing group which was great fun. Apparently Nige usually does a solo but no voice today. They sang Swing Low Sweet Chariot which Caroline  objected to strongly ???????

14th May

Jamie Freyne, Nigel’s nephew, is doing an Iron man Triathlon in August which involves a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and 26 mile run. Jamie has kindly offered to that the fundraising he raises for this will be donated to Nige’s ongoing support costs via his Go Fund me Page;


Thank you so much Jamie – All the best!


13th May

Caroline had a nice afternoon in the garden with Nige, and Gill and Joss’ mum Suzanne. Suzanne showed Nige photos of her 2 recent holidays. Lots of nice conversation. A good day

12th May

Maddy, Nathan and kids visited Nige today. They went to the lounge and played chess and did crosswords. Nige was happy and looking forward to Eurovision!

10th May

Nige was asleep when Caroline & Frankie arrived. He had visits from Tim Crisp and Caroline’s parents.

Caroline & Frankie had a lush visit, Nige told everyone about the work he does in SALT, speaking the alphabet so Caroline and Frankie did that with him. Also got Nige to say everyone’s name, the grandsons were the clearest although Baz was easier than Kingsley!

NIge has the wheelchair people coming in next week to discuss an electric wheelchair. We are hoping to get financial assistance from the Benevolent Fund for it and have a meeting next week.

9th May

Caroline, Maddy and Harry went to see Nige today.

Nige and Caroline both had words with some staff today! Andy put Caroline’s mind at ease a bit about Nige coming home. They claim that they are not giving up on Nige’s rehab, but it is coming across that way to Nige. The OT is looking into getting an electric wheelchair sorted.

They all went out in the garden and had a nice visit.

Then Nige went to Southmead to get an injection for his shoulder pain.

8th May

NIge in a good mood tonight and asked to go outside as soon as Frankie and Caroline got there, it was nice but a bit chilly. Came into the lounge and did crosswords which was fun.
The appointment was cancelled today. Nige has another at Southmead tomorrow for his shoulder.

7th May

Caroline, Gill & Mat went to see Nige and chilled in the garden. Gill gave him a fashion show and he thoroughly approved. Nige was good but is feeling like the staff are giving up a bit on his rehab. He says he wants to walk again but they are all being quite negative. Had a long chat about it and he is determined to continue defying all the odds.
His bladder control is going well, 400 ml held until he needed to release. She remembered Maddy and Harry.

Mat and Nige were talking to Kay who was also in the meeting last week and she’s very much on Nige’s side and had some really great info that not even Nige knew about. She’s going to call a place called ‘The Dean’ in Gloucester to see how a referral there works. It’s similar to BIRU and a lot of patients go there from the BIRU to further their rehab and it’s seems quite successful. Nige suggested she enquire for us just so we have info on all potential options.
Nige was quiet and tired but fine and his beard is trimmed.

Nige has an ENT appointment at St Michael’s tomorrow morning to do tests on his swallowing

6th May

Caroline went to seen Nige today, hasn’t been able to see him since Wednesday due to a sickness bug. Caroline showed Nige the photos of the family meal which happened today, which he loved. They sat out in the garden, Nige had his Glastonbury hat on so was well happy!

5th May

Nick, Sam, Marley & Kingsley went up to see Nige this morning and he was doing well.

Maddy, Nathan & Harry visited in the afternoon and went out in the garden to enjoy the sun and to get Nige out in the chair. Nige got a bit hot so they didn’t stay out long, went to the lounge and did some cross words together.

1st May

Caroline and Frankie visited Nige and he was on top form tonight. All singing Abba songs and the lush nurse Karina came in to join the party! Frankie did Nige’s nails. Chatted about the extension and Nige said he can’t wait to come home. Frankie showed him the Kikamora pledge video.

30th April

Mat visited Nige today and he was the funnest person he encountered again today. Nige cried when he told Mat ABBA are getting back together – Mat thought it was because he hated them so much but apparently Nige likes them and they were happy tears. Nige loved his heart to heart with Gill on Sunday. He was asking loads of questions and there were many laughs. It was a good visit.

29th April

Nige has a bit of a cold, but was able to blow his own nose! He is getting used to everything coming through his mouth again, in stead of his trache. He has only had 2 suctions since his trache change.

28th April

Nige was really chatty today. It is still quite hard to understand him, but he is really trying to vocalise and is getting better.

24th April

Nige has now gone 5 days without a suction, and will be getting a mini trache tomorrow.
An old football friend visited, which he enjoyed. Frankie played guitar for him, and she discovered he can now clap!
He had music therapy and was working on his balance in the gym.

20th April

Nigel’s key worker spoke to Caroline today, and he is confident that Nigel’s funding will get extended further.
His trache was capped off and be was able to breathe himself for 30 minutes. They will do this a few more times, before moving to a new mini trache. Nige is also now able to do his mouth suctioning himself.
He was out in the garden again, and Frankie visited and sang and played guitar, which he loved. He has also decided not use his electronic spelling board anymore, and instead use his back scratcher to point to the right letters, which is quicker.

18th April

Christos and Christina from Craddys visited Nige this morning.

Nige was in the gym doing weights again and was in his chair for 5 hours in total. He enjoyed the sun being out in the garden with Caroline, Maddy and Harry

Nick, Sam, Marley and Kingsley went in to see Nige in the evening. Busy day !

17th April

Nige was a bit tired and sicky today, because he was doing weights in the gym. He will be going outside on his chair tomorrow. He has been talking about coming home a lot, and been getting family to practice re-positioning his pillows.

15th April

Caroline and Gill spent a couple of lovely hours with Nige.
Read him a really long and wonderful letter from his friend Rob Hunt who is travelling the world. Nige loved hearing all about it.
Gill showed him a video of Joss, Lisa’s boyfriend playing guitar, fantastic!

Well, do you all remember Charlotte from Southmead? Lovely blond Health Care Assistant. Well, she only came to see Nige on Friday! Apparently she is going to university to become a nurse. Nige was made up that she visited. She has dark hair now.

13th April

Nige was sick just before Frankie got to BIRU this evening but he seemed absolutely fine and was just a bit tired. Nige asked Frankie to play some tunes because they were watching a music programme on BBC and it was all ball bag so Frankie played him some proper music.

10th April

Nige was in a good mood today. Frankie and Caroline visited and gave him further details about the funeral yesterday. Caroline showed Nige the order of service and messages from the flowers.

Nige managed 4 hours in the chair today and had peach yogurt yesterday.

Caroline was given some forms regarding applying for funding for when Nige comes home and we are going to speak with the discharge coordinator. Apparently we can apply for more funding for BIRU but this is for discharge and its good to start things in motion now as it can take a long time to organise.

Nige still a bit coughy but was going to have his nebulizer after Caroline and Frankie left.

9th April

Mike spent 2 hours with Nige today, catching up with all Mike’s news. Mike has been and continues to be a really good friend to Nige.

Today was the funeral of Nige’s mum so the family were all away. Nick did manage to call in late on to see Nige.

Nige had his boots on for five hours today and had peach yogurt which he loved.

7th April

Caroline visited with Sally at lunchtime today and when leaving she bumped into the consultant and he said that Nigel’s extension for funding at BIRU is not 6 months its 6 weeks.

This is a bit f a shock to the whole family.

Nige is actually okay with this. He is annoyed, but apparently 6 week extensions are the norm, and we can keep applying for more. Nige kept saying don’t worry, and it is what it is. Seems like it has been a huge misunderstanding. It seems the consultant just said 6, and we all assumed months, but he was very unclear. So this is 6 weeks from the end of the month, so it is actually closer to 10 weeks guaranteed.

6th April

Nige was tired tonight, done 4 hours in his chair. Caroline and Frankie were in and he told them the nurses were crying when they found out he’s got his funding. Caroline said its because they want him to go home ?

He had more yogurt today, this eating business is soooo cool. He was quite coughy but said his trachy is feeling better.

4th April

Nige’s funding had been extended! Meaning he can stay another 6 months at BIRU from the end of April.

Nige really happy to see Caroline, Maddy, Harry, Gill and Lisa today. Lisa gave him a signed CD from Courtney Pine (famous saxophonist) which made him cry!

Bloods have been sent off but they don’t think he has an infection. New trachy still sore.

Ray is off. Lush Sarah is back on the ward and loves hearing Nige say “Hi”.

3rd April

Nige is the most happy today as he ate CUSTARD today. Five spoons full! Had a lovely visit from Mat Povey and told him all about it.

2nd April

Sam, Nige, Marley & Kingsley popped in to see Nige this evening. Nige has got sore Trachy patch. Dr being called in the morning to prescribe a cream, not sure why it’s causing him so jip, very coughy. Nige said his stats are okay now,  he was going to have to go to southmead last night but they are happy his stats are okay.

Nige is struggling to sleep and for a sign to be put up asking that staff don’t wake him up for observations unless it’s necessary as he is getting little sleep. Apart from that he seemed good.

Nige also loved his Kingsley cuddle

1st April

Caroline was back from holiday today and said it was lovely seeing Nige and telling him all about the holiday. Sally and Caroline had prepared a presentation, day by day account with photos! Sally hasn’t seen Nige for a long time and enjoyed catching up with him and seeing his progress.

Duncan and Sylvie were there when Caroline and Sally arrived.

Lazy fingers are really on the go!

Nige’s stats had been erratic Saturday night so they took blood to check for infection. Might just be because of the new trachy and they had settled down by the time Caroline left mid afternoon.

Nige did 2 hours in the chair while Caroline was there and said “Bye” to Sally as they left. Sally found it very emotional as its the first time she’s heard his voice.

31st March

Nige said he saw Duncan today!

Nathan, Maddy, Owen, Ruby & Harry visited and was sleeping when they arrived, then very tired still. Nige has quite a bad cough at the moment, but it is due to the trache change. Nige had Harry cuddles and seemed happy

29th March

Frankie went to see Nige tonight. He was cool and can talk a lot more now. She didn’t have to use the board nearly as much. Not much more to report – oh he said “wanker” to someone on Eastenders.

Update from Andy Nige’s physiotherapist. Andy said yesterday Nige did 24 hours with the cuff down and had no problems so yesterday they gave him a smaller trachy with no cuff. So there’s more air through his mouth now, and he’s managing his own secretions! They will review this over the next couple of weeks.

Andy said he’s noticed a positive shift in Nige’s mentality following Kate’s visit. Nige actually asked to have the boots on yesterday and wore them for 4 hours and has agreed that while in bed during the day he will wear them. Nige doesn’t want them on over night though – fair enough. Nige is holding his head up by himself a lot more in the chair. They haven’t removed the headrest just in case, but they have moved it back to encourage self support. The physio sessions have been relatively gentle for the past few months – because the focus was to get the trachy out and they didn’t want to compromise that – so from next week they will start to amp up the more physical activity physio and we should see some more positive advances in that area soon. Andy definitely sounded impressed with the latest surge of intent and focus and positivity!

28th March

Nige bossed having his cuff down last night! Maddy and Harry visited and it was still down when they left, about 26 hours! Nige just wants to rip it out lol.

Nige is getting a smaller trache today, and they might make it a permanently cuff down one. He was quite coughy this morning, but the staff weren’t worried. He was getting pissed off with the staff doing their thing, because he just wanted to chat with Maddy lol.

27th March

Nige was good tonight! Frankie visited and they had lots of laughs and Frankie showed him pictures from her weekend away and from Caroline holiday, which he loved. Frankie played him some tunes and watched a bit of football together lol. Jack Butland was playing and he said he makes in a week what I make in a year! He is having the cuff down overnight tonight!

26th March

Mat popped in tonight and Nige was tired but happy. He did 14 hours with the cuff down. Hopefully next week they’ll swap it for a cuffless trachi, then won’t be long before it’s removed all together.

Nige needs to work on swallowing still but his mouth is so dry it’s not easy. he has not been wearing his boots. He must!

24th March

Maddy saw Nige this evening. He had a lush day, 3 old mates from Guildford visited today, Bernard Ingram, his wife Jane and Dave. They used the board and stayed more than 3 hours! Another 12 hours with the cuff down today, but not in his chair. Said some clear words too.

23rd March

Nige was in a great mood tonight, 12 hours cuff down today the legend!

Caroline surprised him with by visiting as she didn’t think she’d get up there again before holiday but Frankie took he up on the way back from Frome.

21st March

NIge had his review today. It was all really positive. They didn’t say for definite, but they are very impressed with his trache weaning and are confident he will not need it eventually. They will be upping his cuff down time to 12 hours soon, then morning till midnight, then overnight

Physio is good, he is getting stronger in his left leg recently. His speech has also had good progress, but he still has some facial muscles that need to be stronger to be able to say words clearly. His swallow has been getting better, and he will be eating yoghurt soon.

The OT is very impressed with how Nige is getting on in his chair. The new chair was just a tester, but Nige did well in it.  Nige will be getting one specifically for him soon.

Nige wants his catheter out, so they are gonna change his current one to either a “super pubic” (lol) which goes in his tummy or one that switches on and off.

Nige was with in meeting, for the first time, and was happy with how it went. Caroline, Maddy and Harry were also there.

20th March

Frankie wen to see Nige and he was good this evening. Nige has done two days in a row with the cuff down for 8 hours and is gonna eat yoghurt tomorrow!

17th March

Nathan, Maddy, Owen, Ruby and Harry visited Nige today. He had a good day and was in a very positive mood. Enjoyed watching the football and the Rugby.


14th March

Stun day for Nige today with his visit from Kate. Very inspirational and honest lady. She has encouraged us to do Nige’s exercises with him as part of our visits.
He sat in the chair for 4 hours straight today with cuff down the whole time. Said Hello Harry really clearly and when Kate asked, What sort of hospital doesn’t have a cafe and dad said This one!
Kate is very hopeful for Nige’s recovery as she said he has the right mindset and the support of his family. Nige is further along his road to recovery than many people she has visited. Its all about belief and hard work and Nige has never been afraid of that!

Also, was a lush moment when Harry was sat on Nige’s lap, and Nige leaned forward to kiss his head! He also sat with his head not resting on the head rest a couple of times for about 5 mins, which Kate said is really important to do.

13th March

Nige continues to be a legend! Another 4 hours in the chair with cuff down. Caroline visited and noticed he is really using his tongue when he mouths his words and when he was talking to a member of staff she understood him fully just through mouthing!

Frankie visited and noticed real movement in his right arm which is soooo exciting!

12th March

Mat and Dan went to see Nige and he was happy as a clam again. They talked about Kate’s visit and Mat had homework to read the rest of her book and give him the highlights but in true Mat Povey Vs Homework style, he didn’t do it so they devised a plan that you’d tell her they only started reading it a month ago and are half way through.

Nige did 4 HOURS with the cuff down and only stopped when the staff stopped him.

10th March

Jimi and his mum today visited this morning. Jimi brought his guitar and an amp and played some Pink Floyd and a new Kikamora track. Jimi’s mum was amazed by the improvement in Nige.

Caroline watched the Rugby with Nige and then Maddy, Nathan and Harry arrived. Nige really chatty today and pleased with the 11+ hours he’s done in the chair this week. Caroline was chatting with the staff and the general feeling is that Nige is doing brilliantly.

9th March

Just had an update from Nige’s  Key Worker. Nige doing really well, as we can all see, upping his time in the chair and with his cuff down. They are going to increase cuff down time to 4 hours next week. Swallowing is improving. They never gives a timescale for getting the trachy out but said it’s looking positive.

Nige’s speech is also improving, they’re working on single syllable words.

Framkie took Reuben up to see Nige today. Nige loved it!

8th March

Mat visited Nige today and Nige has had a fresh trim and he loved it. He did a collective 3 hours in the chair today which is think is a new record. He is loving life and also had happy tears.

7th March

Nge did two hours 20 minutes in his chair this morning and a further hour while Caroline, Maddy and Harry were there. Reuben Povey is visiting on Friday morning!
Nige  was in really good spirits, chatting with the hot doctor about guitars and Q Base. Caroline asked Dr how Nige is doing and he said “Brilliantly!”
Nige said “Bye” when they left.

6th March

So Nige can clasp his hands now! Also wiggling lazy fingers big time.

Nige did 2 hours in the chair and 2 and a half hours with cuff down. The legend. Also able to raise his left arm with much control, pretty close to a drinking action!

5th March

Nick and Marley called in to see Nige today. Nige was doing really well and managed to sit sat in the chair for 2hrs 10mins today.

4th March

Busy day with visitors for Nige today. After days’ of snow the roads are clearing so family are all able to get to see Nige today.

Nathan visited in the morning and had a good catch up about football, work and how bad the snow had been.

Mat visited around lunchtime and had a good chat.

Caroline visited in the afternoon with Frankie and Nige did another hour in his chair as well a practising his writing.

He wrote Frankie & Nigel

3rd March

Nick called in to see Nige today. His first visitor since 28th Feb! Everyone has been snowed in. Nige was good and has had a good few days. Said that they had been short of staff due to the weather but it was all ok.

28th February

Caroline, Maddy and Harry had a lush visit with Nige today ? He was in his chair when they arrived and stayed in it for 1 hour 45 minutes! Nige had his cuff down for about 45 minutes and said loads! They compiled a list as they didn’t wanna forget any of it:
I love you

Was all very emotional and lovely. They were in the lounge for quite a while. Nige also scrolled through some photos on Caroline’s phone.

27th February

Nige  had a good day today, though tired from having the new trachy fitted. He managed an hour and a quarter in the chair too.
Mike Freyne visited and they enjoyed talking about their wild days in Guildford.

25th February

Nige was very tired today. Caroline went up early and he was sleeping when she arrived. Had a chilled visit. Wanted a rest day so was not planning on going in his chair. Was trying to push lazy hand with his good hand, nearly managed to push it off his lap and onto the bed!
New trachy tomorrow, the weaning continues!

24th February

Nige was really well today, Caroline  enjoyed watching the rugby with him, then Charles’ Gill, Mike Briton and Kieran arrived followed by an exhausted Nick and family !

Nige was in good spirits and doing really well.

Nige also wrote Dad in Maddy and Nathan’s anniversary card, the legend

22nd February

Frankie and Caroline visited Nige tonight and heard Nige speak! They were talking about James and Laura’s wedding and Caroline was telling Nige not to dribble. Frankie joked that she was a dribbler and Nige said “me too!” So lush! And also funny!

Nige was doing good tonight and it was a fun visit! He was also wiggling lazy fingers and trying to squeeze Caroline’s hand with them!

Nick, Sam, Marley and Kingsley all popped into see Nige and he was most impressed with Kingsley and not impressed with trump….lol

21st February

Big news! Kate Allatt is visiting Nige on Weds 14th March. Kate is a Brain Stem Stroke survivor who has made a full and complete recovery after being locked in. Kate visits people and gives advice to them and the medical staff. She has been through all of this and knows how to recover. From the research we  have done and seen after Kate has visited people make massive improvements. We are really looking forward to this and think this will be a great step in Nige’s recovery. Well done to Nick and Maddy for arranging this.

Caroline, Maddy and Harry visited today and Nige wanted to go to the lounge as soon as we they there. They all spent a lush hour in the lounge with Nige in his chair. Nige helped Maddy with a crossword. They saw Che Ming, who said that Nige’s swallowing is improving loads. Nige used to cough when he swallowed, meaning it was going down the wrong way, but this is happening less and less. We all need to encourage and remind Nige to swallow during visits.

20th February

Hannah the OT came for a home assessment today. She is really hoping Nige gets an extension on his funding but it was just to get the ball rolling.

Caroline went up to see Nige today and when she arrived Tim was with him. Nige had also had 2 visitors from Craddys.

Caroline had a nice visit, pretty uneventful but he had been down to the lounge for 2 hours and was tired. Nige is really going for it, especially with building up his sitting tolerance and his talking. He said “Hi” to Caroline but she took the piss out of him cos she’d been there 2 hours by the time he said it!

Che Ming has been working on his swallow and gave him a raspberry drink. Not quite Thatchers Haze Nick!

18th February

BREAKING NEWS!!!! As Caroline and Gill left today Nige said “Bye’ as clear as day! Such a magical moment.

Nige was fast asleep when Maddy, Nathan, Owen, Ruby & Harry arrived this morning, looked so cute! When Nige was all ready, they went in and the nurse said his cuff was fully down, but he had just woken up and wasn’t up to talking. Seems he deflated it himself? Not really sure.

Nige was in a great mood, laughing and joking lots with the kids.

Nick and J went in to see Nige tonight, he was really happy and catching jokes with us and was happy to see j. Nige also showed off his hand moves which was lush to see.

17th February

Caroline visited Nige today and had a lovely visit, chilling watching the Winter Olympics. The nice nurse Kerrinna, said Nige had only had 2 suctions all day and that secretions were clear. She was chatting to Nige about the importance of family in his recovery, we all get a gold star!

16th February

Caroline had a lush visit with Nige until the very end when he was sick ? Ray was on it, literally dropping everything – the drugs tray – to sort him out.
Frankie played guitar beautifully tonight, apparently Sarah wants to hear her play, she and Nige have been chatting about bands today.

Nige has been working really hard, an hour and a half in the chair every day and working on his right hand, some movement coming back! He is having his trachy changed for a smaller one in two weeks time, he’s dead chuffed about that.

Caroline spoke to Nige’s Key Worker today and progress is good. Mentioned about getting Nige to the wedding and he said that was a really great goal and they will start planning the logistics soon.

Nige had a lovely letter from Peter from Pirbright, he’s a really nice bloke

14th February

Nige was in his chair when Maddy, Harry and Caroline arrived today with cuff down, desperately wanting to get back into bed! Its such hard work for him but he is an absolute bloody legend.
Nige gave Caroline a Valentines card which she loved! Thanks to Maddy for the thought, Mat for getting it (though Nige didn’t like the first one Mat got apparently!) and Nick for helping him to write it.

13th February

Nige in a good mood today. Tim Crisp visited at lunchtime and stayed for a couple of hours. He’s a friend who had a brain injury a few years ago so that was lush.
Caroline and Sally came up in the afternoon and Nige was using his scratcher really well. Sally put his cards and flag up on the wall.
Frankie arrived in the evening and was  reading Nige his birthday messages on Facebook which he is loved.

12th February

Sam and Mat went up to see Nige for a couple of hours early in the day. Nige  was calling everyone a wanker and they heard his voice when he coughed. Nige had a cuddle with Kingsley. Nige was a bit tired when they got there and said nightstaff kept him up and he’s hadn’t slept much.

Helen popped in to see Nige in the afternoon.

Nick visited in the evening and Nige was really happy. They talked about cyclists and how they are wankers! Enjoyed a thatchers haze together and Nige loved that, to top it off Duncan and Sylvie face timed Nige and they shared some happiness and laughter. They are thinking of visiting again maybe in April.

7th February

Caroline, Maddy and Harry visited Nige today and he was a huge pain in the ass! Lol, They all got very frustrated when Nige was trying to explain what he needed. After 20 minutes of Nige spelling ‘pillow’ ‘4’ ‘shoulder’ and ‘under’, and nothing they suggested being right, they called for help, who just took away all NIge’s pillows and started again. Nige was happy with whatever they did!

Nige’s physio cancelled yesterday, said she would pop in to explain why and never did. Huge shame as NIge is so on it right now. He is using his eye gaze really well (unless it’s to do with pillows!)

6th February

Caroline and Sally have had a nice visit in the afternoon, chatting about the wedding. Spoke to Sarah about it a bit more, she is dead excited!
Frankie popped up in the evening

Nige has been writing today;

5th February

Mat visited today and the highlight of Nige’s day was when a tradesman came round with an angle grinder and trimmed his toenails…lol. Nige was most proud of his pedicures feet. Nige was well happy again lots of laughing.

4th February

Nige had his shower today and looked all clean and smooth. He was in a good mood, enjoying Kingsley cuds and watching Marley play with his new toys.
Bit tired from his shower but other than that another good and happy day.

Nick and Sam called in to see him in the afternoon and Pete and Issy popped in as well.

3rd February

Nige had a busy day today. Caroline watched the Rugby with him ( Wales slaughtered Scotland, just saying) then all the Charles arrived closely followed by the Bristol Poveys.

Sarah was working with dad today and she is going to give him a shower tomorrow at 2. Caroline  also asked her if she would come to Laura and James wedding to look after dad and she said she’d be honoured.

Dad mouthing SO well today.

2nd February

We had an update from Nigel’s Key Worker today.

Psychology – mood is stable and Nige is completing some cognitive tests

OT – Nige still refusing to sit in chair for upper limb work. The cushion doesn’t seem to have improved sitting tolerance.

SALT – Nige will sit in his chair for trachy work. Key Worker suggested that he has given up a bit on his mobility a bit. Whilst Nige believes he will make a full recovery his number 1 goal is trachy out and talking, hence full engagement with trachy work. The new trachy is a venistration one, that is it has more holes for air flow, but he will still only be able to talk with cuff down. Apparently he said “music” today which is lush.

Discharge – There is a professionals meeting a week on Monday to talk about extending Nige’s funding. Fairly hopeful this will be given.

Caroline & Frankie visited Nige this evening  and had a nice uneventful visit . Frankie cut his nails which really needed doing! No suctioning again whilst they were there and Caroline noticed the new trachy makes a low whistling noise when he breathes, look out for that!

Nige said that he is getting bored, which is understandable and probably a good sign, when you’re feeling poorly you don’t feel bored do you?

1st February

Mat visited and Nige was really chill tonight. Happy and content and tanned for some reason although he seemed pretty sure he hasn’t been out in the sun.

They chatted and then watched some of that show where they put cameras on wild animals – which Nige loved.

31st January

Caroline, Maddy & Harry had a nice visit today. During SALT Nige was asked who was visiting today, and he said ‘Caroline, Maddy and Harry’!

He was with work friends when they arrived, using the board. They hadn’t seen Nige in a while and were very impressed with his progress.

The new trache seems to be irritating his throat a bit, but apparently it’s nothing to worry about as he just had the op.

30th January

Nige loves his new trachy, apparently it doesn’t have a subglotic port which means he is further along the weaning process.

He was in a good mood and was lifting his head a lot.

He said Hi and Bye again whilst on tilt table with cuff down. He was doing really well with his mouthing of words.

Frankie visited in the evening and had a lush visit. Taking about the gig on the weekend, work, reuben povey.. just stuff!! He was doing good and had no suction the while Frankie was there.

29th January

Nick visited Nige today and he was really happy to chat.

Nige had is op today to change his trachie and it went well but left him very tired.

Andy called in to see Nige as well today.

28th January

Nige was in good spirits today. Visits from Nathan, Maddy, Harry, Caroline & Jill. Chatted to Nathan about the new job and to Gill about politics! He’s a bit nervous about having his trachy changed tomorrow, it’s not nice, but it should be the new holey one which is really exciting!

27th January

Lush visit today with Caroline, Ralph, Louise, Katie, Jessica, Nick, Sam, Marley and Kingsley. First time the Hauling Island Poveys had met the Kingmeister, they loved him, obvs.
Nige really going for it with the Eye Gaze! Makes conversations flow much easier and he doesn’t get so left behind when lots of us are chatting.

26th January

Mat visited Nige tonight and he was cool. Nige was really cheery and was laughing as Mat walked in. The eye gaze is incredible and he’s ‘the dogs bollocs’ at using it as he told Mat. Mat left him watching the football.

25th January

Caroline, Frankie and Jimi visited today. They played Stairway to Heaven which Nige loved!

Nige was using the Eye Gaze loads this evening, telling us about a visit from an old friend Darren and dobbing in the night staff.

Caroline  gave him his round cushion for his chair which will hopefully increase his sitting tolerance.

24th January

*********NIGE SPOKE!!!!!!**********
In his physio session he was on the tilt table with cuff down and whispered hello then said hi and bye!!!!
We checked it all out with Che Ming and she confirmed everything and said now he has done it and is less dyspraxic, it should be happening more and more.

While Maddy, Harry and Caroline were there he was coughing, which can sometimes deflate the cuff, and when Maddy asked “do you need a suction” he said “yeah” clear as day!

Lazy leg was moving a lot too. Nige  is really going for it!

We have set a major goal, which Che Ming says is feasible. To get Nige to go to James and Laura’s wedding, see them married and make a speech in whatever way he can.

Nige is having his trachy changed on Monday, possibly to one with holes in the sides which will allow air flow and hence aid speech. This will depend on the review of his trachy data tomorrow.

He has also had a shave and was in great spirits though tired towards the end of the visit.

23rd January

Nige was in the gym when Caroline arrived today, working really hard. He then sat in his chair with her for another 45 minutes. Nige also mouthed Happy Birthday to Caroline.

Nige is having his trachy changed next week which is a very unpleasant procedure. Some friends from Craddys turned up in the afternoon.
Mike went in to watch the Bristol City vs Man City game with Nige in the evening.

22nd January

Nige was tired but happy today when Mat visited. They talked a bit and Mat started reading the autobiography about “that dude from that band”. Nige was ok about the football news, Sanchez joining Man Utd, although they quickly got into a discussion about which guy was the bitey one – apparently it’s a different person….lol

21st January

Caroline had a lovely chilled visit with Nige this afternoon telling him about the meal last night.
Nige really enjoyed his 12 visitors yesterday! So was enjoying a relaxed day today.
Nige told Caroline to look in the top drawer where there was the most beautiful birthday card for me, signed by him! We both cried.

20th January

Busy day for Nige today with lots of visitors. At one point he had Nick, Sam, Marley, Kingsely, Caroline, Jill, Nathan, Maddy, Owen, Ruby & Harry all in to see him.

Nige was good today and enjoyed seeing everyone.

19th January

Nige really had it about him tonight! Had Caroline and Frankie running around and trying to work out what he wanted to say. He was getting frustrated and when that happens you can hear his voice which is lush. Apparently, after all these months he doesn’t like it when we stand too high up the bed so be warned!

He has also been giving the therapists a hard time, complaining that they are always late.

Nige now has TV control on his Eye Gaze which he loves.

Caroline saw the consultant today and he said Nige will be having his catheter removed soon. Ray warned us its not always successful but is a good step forward. Caroline asked for Nige to have a shave, face and head, and a beard trim. Ray was up for it tonight but Nige was watching football. It is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

18th January

So, it’s official! Nige is definitely no longer Locked In!

The official diagnosis is now, brace yourselves, “Recovering left cerebellar and pontine infarction”. Note the words ” recovering” ? and cerebellar, which refers to a part of the brain, and pontine which refers to the pons which is the part of the brain stem responsible for our most basic functions.

Most of all note the word RECOVERING and celebrate the fact that Nige no longer has Locked In syndrome!!!!!!!

I know it’s only words but this feels enormous!

17th January

Caroline, Nathan, Maddy & Harry went in to see Nige today and he was in a good mood. Apparently Nige has had a good old moan about yesterday. (Hannah dropped him in it)

His Key Worker rang Caroline for an update and they have noticed an upturn in his mood this past week and a real motivation to get cracking. He didn’t know about the feet crossing and was pleased to hear about it.

Caroline asked how Nige was progressing overall and he said the mobility is slower than expected but the communication side is faster. He then said “When he was locked in” …… and Caroline was like, rewind! He doesn’t think Nige is still locked in but is going to ask the doctors for a formal diagnosis. That would be great news!

Caroline asked again about getting rid of the trachy and he said that is the number one goal and that they are fairly confident Nige will then be able to start talking again.

16th January

Frankie called in to see Nige today and he was good. He was a bit bored because most of his therapies were cancelled today.  Frankie played him some tunes on the guitar and just had a nice chat. Nige was happy when she left.

15th January

Sam & Mat called in to see Nige today. He was tired had a busy day. He did the tilt board and was a bit teary. Left him watching football he was happy with that.

14th January

Busy day for Nige today. Nick called in to go over the car with Nige to make sure it’s all ok. Nathan went in to watch the Liverpool vs City game and at half time Caroline, Steve, Adrian, Jill, Jean & Haydn all called in on there way back from Wales.

Nige was feeling  sick again today. He has had some anti-sickness and they stopped his feed for a while to let it settle down.

Good chat with everyone and was a busy day.

13th January

Nige was feeling a bit sick when Nick, Sam, Marley & Kingsley got there but he was soldiering it as usual.

Nige is now showing off how he can cross his legs, although the nurses keep telling him not to.

11th January

Lush visit this evening! Nick was there when Frankie and Caroline arrived and had been there for a good long while.
Watched the Big Cat programme with him which was lovely, although Nige did have to have his nebulizer during it which was loud and annoying!
Saw Sarah and told her we are all gutted that she is working in the other unit now. She was dead chuffed and gave me a big hug and said she was annoyed about it as she has built up such a great relationship with Dad, us and some other patients. She also said that she and Debbie were still going to try to do Dads shower as it was important and they have built up trust with him which was lovely.

Great leg movement today….

10th January

Nice visit with Caroline, Maddy and Harry today. Nige was tired after a full day of therapies and enjoyed Harry cuds. He was very well in himself and his breathing was really clear. An uneventful but lovely visit.

9th January

Caroline took a call from Hannah, Nige’s OT, this morning and she was super excited because she’s just done a Music Therapy session with Nige. They found a thumb app for Nige to play chords and he was jamming along while the therapist played guitar! Hannah was so moved she just had to phone Caroline. She described it as a magical moment. He will be having Music Therapy every Tuesday.

Nige had a very busy day doing all his therapies. He loved the music therapy SO much and got really emotional when Caroline told him that Hannah had called as she was so overwhelmed and just had to tell her about it.
He was sitting in his chair when Caroline arrived and she had a long chat with him, he loves being consulted about all major family decisions ?

Nige quite tired, having a rest before Sally visited later.

Nige was left watching Man City vs Bristol City

7th January

Wonderful visit today with Caroline and Frankie, which was made even better by Nick, Sam, Marley & Kingsley turning up!

Nige was chatty and had Kingsley cuds. Frankie cut his nails and Marley blagged a load of sweets from the receptionist. Another resident was kicking off so that was sort of exciting!

6th January

Nige had visits from Nathan, Maddy, Owen, Ruby, Harry Jimi and Jimi’s Mum. Was a nice visit and Nige seemed very chipper. He was showing his leg movements. Jimi’s Mum enjoyed seeing him, saw massive improvements and Jodie sent up some healing crystals.

4th January

Caroline and Frankie had a bit of a weird visit! Nurse Bronnagh got distracted while doing Nige’s meds and spilt water over the sheets. 🙂

Nige was coughing a lot, tale end of the cold and they could hear his voice on several occasions. Apparently this is because he coughs so hard he deflates his cuff and that allows vocal chords to work. Was weird/lush to hear his voice.

Nige wouldn’t have his nebulizer and was moaning but then cracked Caroline up when he spelt out “When you return?” Like a line from Lord of the Rings!

There is a lush Rehab Assistant who was chatting to Nige about missing her children and dad was telling her money isn’t everything but family is. Was really moving.

Also arm and hand are getting a lot stronger;

3rd January

Nige feeling much better today, so much better that he moved lazy elbow in physio!
Had a nice visit with Caroline, Maddy and Harry, nice and chilled, watching Pointless

Nick and Marley called in to see Nige in the evening.

2nd January

Poor Nige has got a virus! Aching limbs and lots of coughing. There isn’t a lot they can do to treat the virus, just lots of fluids and rest.

Nige did limited therapy sessions today and was feeling a bit fed up. As Sarah told him, its just a bump in the road.

Frankie played him some songs which cheered him up and Mat Povey was also visited.

1st January

Nige had to go over to Southmead for a chest x-ray this morning. He hated it! Good news is that it was all clear and the nice nurse explained that it had to be done as a precaution as his obs had been low and a blood test showed signs of an infection.
When Caroline arrived at BIRU today Nige had a good old moan! He soon perked up and was chatting with Gill about her New Year and how much he enjoyed Joss playing guitar to him last Thursday.

So not a great start to the new year for Nige, but onward and upward.

31st December

Caroline, Maddy, Nathan and Harry all went in to see Nige this afternoon.

Nige had a shower today which is a major achievement

Nick, Sam, Marley and Kingsley all called in to see Nige and he was really happy to them and full of chat.

30th December

Nick from Craddys called in this morning to see Nige and they took Nige up to Film club in his bed.

Caroline, Ralph, Louise and the girls all went in to see Nige for the afternoon. Nige was in good spirits.

29th December

Frankie and Caroline went in today. Nige was in a good mood but felt a bit sick. The staff were on it immediately and gave him an anti sickness injection and suctioned his mouth. No full on suctioning the whole time they were there but Nige did ask for his nebulizer.

28th December

Nige had a busy day with lots of visits. Lisa and Joss went in to see Nige and Joss played Nige some songs on the guitar which he loved! They arrived at the same time as Nick and family so that was a full room of visitors!

Family friend Anne also popped in to see Nige.

27th December

Maddy, Nathan and the kids went to see Nige. He had been in the gym and was still in his chair when they got there. Had been managed a couple of hours in the chair!

Nige asked to get back in bed and he looked more comfy when he got back in. He was tired but happy. Mouth moving really well, and arm and leg despite being tired.

26th December

Nige in really good spirits this evening. Mike and his son Kieran had popped in earlier which he loved.
Sarah and Debbie were nagging Nige to have a shower and he was cracking up saying it was like having 3 wives! Anyway, they have scheduled it in for Sunday so that’s really cool.
Nige got Caroline to tickle lazy foot and lazy leg bent right up, it was cool.

He absolutely loved yesterday with his record breaking number of visitors but got upset when he told us some patients had none

25th December

Great Day – Everyone went to see Nige after lunch. We all stayed and opened presents with him and Nige was able to open some of his presents.

Nige broke the record for the number of visitors in a day!

24th December

Nige was transferred back to BIRU this morning!

Nick went see Nige and he was very alert and chatty. Nige loved hearing about how Nick’s works party and about Kingsley!

Nige also looked at Nick and mouthed “I love you” when I ask if that was what he said… started crying and said yes ?. Nick told Nige that even though I don’t always let him know but his face and body language isn’t hard to understand.

Nathan and Caroline visited Nige in the afternoon and Nige wasn’t very comfortable in his bed but asked to go in his chair. This was good timing as we had already arranged a little surprise for him…..

Frankie and Jimi had brought Reuben up to BIRU and we were able to take Nige outside to see him. Nige loved this.

23rd December

Nige was comfortable and happy today. Staff looking after him really well. While Caroline and Gill were there they were sorting out transport for tomorrow morning, so looks like it will be happening. Nige can’t wait to go back. Also, forgot to say that he saw Victoria (SALT) yesterday but hasn’t managed to track Charlotte down!

22nd December

Nige is well today. He is getting a new catheter put in at his request. Obs are good, and he had a blood test which will determine when he can go back to BIRU. If all good, could be today! They said most likely tomorrow.

Maddy, Owen, Ruby and Harry went in to see Nige today which was nice. He was fast asleep when they arrived, and was still a bit drowsy throughout the visit.

Nige was looking really well this evening and mouthing so many words its incredible! He will hopefully be moved back to BIRU tomorrow

21st December

Nige is in much less pain. Should be going back to BIRU in a couple of days.

Mat visited Nige today and Nige is doing loads better. Said he was still quite ill this morning but feels loads better now and seemed it too. Was quite a funny night, lots of laughs no tears

20th December

Nige has a chest infection.

Nige in so much pain today. Had to have an operation to have something done to his peg. They are also talking about changing his catheter.

Catheter finally taken out, new condom style one put on. Nige finally able to get some sleep.

Nick visited in the evening and Nige was cool told Nick he was in a lot of pain earlier so at least he is not in as much pain now. Had good chat and Nick told Nige he has to do the table and shower more! Left him watching the football

19th December

Nige was feeling a bit low today, said it was a very busy day yesterday and an unpleasant procedure.
He loved seeing Marley, Kingsley and Sam and this seemed to cheer him up. Sam did really well with the new board.
Nige has set some goals with his team.
Nige sat in his chair for 2 hours this morning and is tolerating it much better. He’s working so hard so is napping now before Frankie arrives.

18th December

Nige went to St Michaels hospital today for an endoscopy on his larynx and everything is good! He said people were staring at him which was weird. He was sick today and felt sick so asked for ray to give him a jab. Nige was asleep when Mat got there so was tired, and he met Dan. Overall he seemed good

17th December

Nige was feeling a bit sick today and has a urine infection so not having the best of days. He wants Caroline to get presents for the staff which is really nice and shows he feels he is being well looked after.

Nige was sat out in his chair this morning and Nick has recorded his voice on the buzzer! Can’t wait to hear it!

16th December

Well when Nathan, Maddy & Harry arrived, Nige was hanging out in the nurses station in his chair!

They then all went to the lounge to hang out, which was lush. Nige was in his chair over an hour, and Sarah says he’s doing much better at tolerating the chair. No coughs in the chair too!

Nige in quite goods spirits but did get quite emotional as we were leaving. Chatted lots and Nige said he can’t wait for a burger!

15th December

Nige was sleeping when Nick arrived but was really happy to see him. When Nick woke Nige he didn’t make him jump as he normally does .

Nige had a good day, nurse said he sat out at reception for an hour this afternoon, talked loads was full of smiles and jokes. Nick left him watching a sports show…lol

14th December

Caroline saw Nige with Frankie and Mat this evening. Nige was very chatty and quite emotional. Nige fell asleep this afternoon and woke up when Mat arrived and thought it was Friday and that he had slept through a whole day which he found disorientating.
It was the Christmas party today at the BIRU and the staff were dressed up.

Nige told Mat that he wants to get his trachy out after Christmas and that he wants to go to Atomic Burger for his first meal out.

13th December

Caroline and Maddy attended Nigel’s 6 week review meeting at BIRU today. This was just to update us on how Nige is doing really, as they still cannot say how much Nige will improve. Having his cuff down will become more routine, and they want him in his chair twice a day.

Nige has dyspraxia, so although he has a voice with the cuff down, he can’t coordinate that with all the muscles needed to talk, and his SALT is working on this. No worries about Nige’s mental health or cognitive functions.

Nige had a visit from 2 music therapy students yesterday, which he loved! It was apparently very intense and emotional, and could become a weekly thing.

Nige was very chilled after a busy day, a bit tired but happy.

12th December

Caroline was with NIge today whilst he had OT and physio, 10 minutes with the cuff down, 1 and a half hours in the chair, hand bandaging and loads of limb manipulation.

Caroline read Nigel’s progress report and all good, although he does need encouragement to sit in his chair.

There is a new electronic spelling board from Special Effects which is amazing! Same principle as the cluster board but you press buttons for cluster and colour and it types out the letters.

Haydn and Jean visited today and could see huge improvements in 3 weeks.

Steve from Craddy’s also came in this afternoon and Frankie in the evening.

11th December

Maddy, Nathan, Harry and Mat Povey all visited Nige tonight.

Nige seemed a bit tired and was coughing quite a lot, but was otherwise good. He had a busy day in the gym so needed a rest. Nigel was laughing and joking lots.

Maddy put up his Christmas decorations in his room this evening.

10th December

Nige had lots of visitors on a busy day today.

Caroline, Nick, Sam, Marley, Kingsley & Auntie Jill all made a trip up and it was the first time Auntie Jill had met Kingsley.

Nige was left watching the Man Utd v Man City game

9th December

Nige has had a haircut today! It was the Irish nurse and Sarah, they are so lush!

They also persuaded Nige to get in his chair and go down to the lounge for a bit and even outside very briefly as it was so cold. Still no luck getting Nige to shower but they are going to keep on at him and to go in his chair every day.

Nige has finally got a date to have his tooth fixed, 18th December.

Caroline has bought some Christmas decorations for Nigel’s room and has started to make it look a bit more Christmasie.

6th December

Nige has been busy doing physio today in the gym, they are working him hard. Had a visit from Caroline, Maddy, Nathan and Harry, with Sally popping in this evening.

4th December

June and Mike spent the afternoon with nige and are really impressed with the unit and Nige’s progress. Lots if reminiscing about growing up in Guildford and apparently Nige was quite emotional at points.

3rd December

Caroline and Gill visited Nige this afternoon, he was in good spirits and had been playing the nurses up all morning, refusing to have a shower! Caroline told him he needn’t expect bed baths when he gets home!

Some of the new nurses are suctioning Nige to have a competence signed off and Nige has been deciding whether they pass or fail. He was having loads of fun with that!
He’s looking forward to seeing June and Mike tomorrow

2nd December

Nige ended up having a great day despite being disappointed that Jimi had to cancel his electric guitar set due to car trouble.

Caroline, Maddy, Nathan and Harry visited this afternoon. Well, just check out that leg movement!!!! So happy!

Helen also visited and brought James and Laura which was a lovely surprise. They chatted about prog rock and Helen showed him pictures of her new house. They haven’t seen him for ages and were astounded by the improvement in him.

Left Nige watching Man Utd v Arsenal

30th November

Caroline and Frankie had a nice visit tonight, though Nige says he is missing home.

Frankie played him lots of songs which he really enjoyed. He’s looking forward to Jimi playing for him on Saturday.
His left arm is doing amazingly, he can point at stuff which is great to see. He is also mouthing lots of words, increasingly clearly. Also lazy toes (right foot) were wriggling today.

29th November

Nige had values and aspirations meeting today.

Nige enjoyed seeing 2 of his grandsons and their mothers too of course. Mat and Sally visited this evening.

28th November

Nige had a stunning day with the drummer from Radiohead, Phil Selway, who was a really lovely bloke. He did the board with Nige, chatted about music and even played guitar for him!

Nige did 10 minutes cuff down today and has also been on the tilt table.

Nige gets on really well with Sarah, one of the nurses, and spells out words like bollocks to her just for fun!

26th Novemeber

Nige was wide eyed on point today and was showing off all the moves as well. He had a lot of visitors today and had a good day.

Really impressed with his leg, arm and lip movements.

25th November

Very busy day for Nige, Rob Hunt and his wife in this morning and then Caroline, Ralph, Katie, Maddy, Nathan, Owen, Ruby and Harry this afternoon! Owen had fun adding his name to all Nigels sentences and Katie did a fantastic job on the board, showing skill and empathy.
Left Nige watching Scotland slaughtering Australia in the rugby.

23rd November

Nige was feeling a bit ill today but when Frankie and Caroline got there they cheered him up a bit. Had a pretty chilled visit with Frankie playing a few tunes.

Nige was like properly moving his arm which was amazing! And his leg. Lots of movement going on

22 November

Nige was in high spirits today! Lots of chatting and joking with Caroloine, Maddy and Harry.

We had a meeting with his Key Worker and it went well. No timescale given for trachy removal, it is a major goal but they have to make sure Nige is ready as it would be dangerous if done too soon. They are going to find out about Reuben visiting.

The SALT is reasonably confident that Nige will speak again.

3 months ago we were told Nige might get some finger movement after a year…. Nige has come so far already.

21st November

Nige was feeling sick again today so they stopped his feed and gave him an anti sickness injection. He is really lifting his left arm and almost managed to lift his T-shirt up when he was feeling hot. Lots of knee bending going on, both legs and some movement in his right arm.

Nige managed 20 minutes with the cuff down today.

20th November

Nige seemed ok today not overly up or down. He doesn’t like the fan in his room, he finds it drying.

Mat visited Nige and they watched a film together.

Nige did a physio session today which went well.

19th November

Nige wasn’t great today – was sick a couple of times, said he didn’t like Sundays and was just not really having a good day.

Had a nice visit from Nick, Sam, Marley & Kingsley and Nige was showing his leg movement which is amazing!! Nick set up his catch up on his TV and left him watching Gilmore at Pompeii, Nige was super pleased.

18th November

Nige was in good spirits again this afternoon and enjoyed a visit from Gill and Lisa. He was in a mischievous mood, making jokes and loads of facial expressions and enjoyed watching the rugby together.

Nige is now able to bend his knees, both legs, what happens is there is some involuntary movement when he coughs and then he is able to control it. Dead exciting!

17th November

Nige was very sleepy this afternoon. He had been sick and got out of doing his therapies. Has had lots of visitors, 2 from work, Nick, Frankie, Caroline and Mat Povey.

Caroline and Mat played a random board game with him, and Nige thought it was hilarious

16th November

Nige has had a good and busy day. Nige has had OT/physio/psychology/SALT. He managed 10 minutes with the cuff down, the legend.

The highlight was obviously watching the video message which the wonderful Tina Britton organised for him! You can see this below and Nige watching it;

This is from Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree- Nige’s favourite band.

15th November

Nige was in great spirits today! He is feeling a lot better, and was communicating with the staff with the board when Caroline, Maddy & Harry arrived.

Nige was very tired, and mostly just wanted to listen, but was laughing loads. He also told us that he is sure he is gonna make a full recovery (obvs!) He had the cuff down twice today!

14th November

Nige feeling better today but was uncomfortable due to sores from being on his back too much. He doesn’t like being on his side but did so for a bit.
Nige had OT and physio today including having his cuff down which is great.

Frankie and Mat visited this evening, Mat trimmed his beard and Frankie played guitar. Left him watching the England game.

13th November

Nige still feeling poorly, managed to get out of all his therapies today! Despite this, he managed to sign some forms with a brilliant X that he did all by himself

He had a long nap and was much more perky in the evening

12th November

Nige is not having a good day today as he has been sick and is feeling a bit rubbish. Frankie and Jimi cheered him up with their tales of the festival and playing him some tunes.

Nige is proper moving his left hand and Frankie got him to do some drawing on her phone.  Whilst he was napping, his right big toe was proper wriggling!

Nige’s schedule for next week is busier than last week, they are really pushing him which is brilliant but exhausting.

11th November

Nige wasn’t feeling great today. He had been a bit sick overnight. He was moving his left leg a lot today and showing it off to visitors.

Nige was very tired after being ill overnight.

10th November

Nige has had a really busy day with physio/OT/SALT/phsycology and a visit from Nick, Sam, Marley and Kingsley! Sara also paid him a visit, she works with Eye Gaze with disabled children and was very impressed with how well Nige uses it.

Nige was worried about a growling noise he has just started making. There was some blood when he was suctioned and this added to his worry. However, the Dr checked his chest and all clear. Some blood is common due to the irritation of the trachy and suctioning. They are going to keep an eye on it. HOWEVER, the SALT said Nige shouldn’t be worried but delighted, as she thinks it is the beginning of a voice!

Nige is also doing a new thing with his face, if he’s saying yes but it is more of a ‘sort of’, he does this matter of fact look (his description). Nige also shot Carlonie a filthy look when she got what he was trying to say wrong! SALT are working on his facial expressions and its clearly working!

Mat Povey and Pete also visited and put the football on for him.

11th November

Nige was very tired today. Had been unwell overnight but was glad today was a rest day.

Left leg movements are now getting really strong and Nige loves showing this to visitors.

9th November

Nige had a special visit today

Nick and Sam took Kingsley in this morning so Nige could meet his new grandson Kingsley and Nige loved having a cuddle with him

Caroline and Frankie visited in evening. Frankie played him lots of songs which he loved including Isn’t He Lovely for Kingsley, who he lived seeing!

Well, he only moved his right leg! Yes, I did say right! He did it a couple of times and was dead chuffed about it!

Nige is going on the tilt board tomorrow. They are really pushing him and the nurse said they love a fighter!

Nige also did some talking with the Eye Gaze

8th November

What a stunning day.

Nigel’s family gained an additional member today. Kingsley Rex Povey was born at 2.30am. Congratulations to Nick, Sam and Marley.

Nige was told the news in the morning and can’t wait to meet his new grandson tomorrow.

Dad was given the message first thing and is delighted and loved seeing all the photos.

Duncan, Nigel’s brother who lives in France,  visited today and was with him all afternoon and had a lovely visit, really interacting with Nige and having some laughs and some tears.

Caroline, Maddy, Harry & Sally also visited and Nige was keen to show his Eye Gaze. Duncan loved meeting Harry for the first time!

He thanked Sally for everything but was very tired and spelt out “Bye” on the Eye Gaze, bit of a hint!

7th November

Today was a very good day…….

Nige was in a really good mood today. Special Effects came in and set up his eye gaze which now has letters which is really cool. It is a bit slow at the moment and very tiring for Nige to use but they will speed it up when he gets more used to it.

Nige lifted his left arm off the bed!!!!! Did it a few times.

All the nurses are always going on about Nigels strong cough and seem to get really excited by it, Well Ray, one of the nurses, explained that this is because it means his upper airway is working properly and this increases his chances of being able to speak when the trachy comes out.

Nige got emotional about Christmas today but Caroline gave reassured him that the family will be with him.

Things are just coming along so fast since the move and it’s sometimes hard to realise just how far Nige has come already. We are finding out new things all the time and today Nick, Nigel’s son, brought up that back on the 27th August Nige spelt out his first word ‘Bank’, this was to Nick and Mat but as this was the first thing spelt the didn’t think much about it. It just shows how Nige has consistently exceeded the expectations set out and he continues to do so.

6th November

The SALT team are training people up on using the board. Nige has some movement in his left arm today which is very exciting!

Nige has told the SALT about his concerns of the new staff not being able to use the board effectively and hopefully they will be able to address this.

He’s had a busy morning and is having a nap now.

Evening update – Nige just moved his left leg as well!

5th November

Nige has good movement in his left thumb and has gained really good control of this. Enough to keep pushing a button repeatedly to make a sound system continually go off – Nige just giggled – a lot!

Nige had a lot of visitors again today but still managed to watch the football.

4th November

Nige was in a really good mood today and loved seeing Ralph, his non-football loving brother, in his Man Utd shirt which Ralph had promised to wear when Nige could move his hand.

We have been given Nige’s timetable is also in his room.

3rd November

Nige had a session in the gym today which Carolione and Mat were there for. Nige did really well, holding his head up for 10 seconds on his own. However, they pushed him a bit too hard and he fainted, luckily he was sitting down. He was really tired afterwards

2nd November

Nige has settled in well at Frenchay.

Had visits from Maddy & Harry and Sam & Marley.

Nige seemed in good spirits too, looked more chilled out sat in his chair with his tracksuit on! NIge had OT this morning and nothing else scheduled today.

30th October

Well, bad news I’m afraid, Nige will be going to Frenchay tomorrow morning, not today. The delay was due to the person in Frenchay being discharged later than planned today. All systems go for tomorrow!

Nige was in good spirits today and enjoyed seeing Andy and Tricia and all their holiday photos. He cheekily asked if Tricia had booked their next holiday!

Tearful goodbyes with Victoria and Lauren. God knows what he will be like when he says goodbye to Charlotte!

29th October

Nige was a legend and had his trachy changed! Caroline was with him and it was very unpleasant and he was very emotional afterwards but onwards and upwards to Frenchay!

28th October

Nathan visted today to watch the Man Utd vs Spurs game with Nige, Nige was in good spirits and happy with United winning.

We were advised that the trache has to be changed before Nige can be transferred to Frenchay. Nige refused it today but has to have it done tomorrow or he risks losing the bed in Frenchay. Nige is aware and promising to have it done tomorrow.

27th October

Today we found out that Nige will soon be moving from Southmead hospital to Frenchay. This is a great step forward in Nigels treatment and move his to a dedicated rehab center. This has been provisionally booked in for Monday!!!

Nick and Mat  both visited Nige today.

Nige has a lot of mouth movements at the moment and whilst he cannot speak with the trachie in Nige believes he will be able to when it is removed.

Nige was in good spirits and had a lot of laughs.


26th October

Nige managed 35 minutes with the cuff down today and he could have done more, once the initial mega coughing has passed he seems to manage really well.

His left foot is also moving today! His left fingers are also coming along really well.

Nige spent some more time in the chair tonight and said he was much more sparky and communicative.

25th October

What a stunning day! Nige went outside in his chair with Caroline, Maddy and Harry. It was so lovely for him to feel the sun and the fresh air and he loved it. The physios and OTs are planning to take him to the gym next week to see if there are any other flickers of muscle movement. It will involve sitting on plinths. They are all so good with him and say they have been amazed by him every step of the way.

24th October

Nige had an ENT examination and his lesions are nothing to worry about, just a result of irritation by the trachy. He also had his trachy dressings changed which further irritated his throat and then did some cuff down time. Nige managed 20 minutes with minimal oxygen and Amy was really pleased with him.
Nige was quite emotional today and was going to have a sleep before Frankie visited this evening.

23rd October

Nige has had a really good day. He did half an hour, yes that’s right HALF AN HOUR, with the cuff down. Nige was with the OTs when Caroline arrived and they showed her how to do some hand exercises with him.
The physios hope to take him outside on Wednesday afternoon.

Generally he was in good spirits ?

21st October

Nige was tired after the shenanigans of last nights bed maneuvers! He is in the same bay but in a swanky new bed.
Caroline has told Nige that the chap from Radiohead is coming in, a week on Monday at 4pm. This has been arranged through the Eye Gaze Technology charity. Nige was well pleased.

Nige had a chest xray and all clear.

20th October

Wow!!!! Nige managed 9 minutes with the cuff down today! Caroline was with him and he did really, really well. Nige is very bright today.
Victoria, the nurse, gave him some Thatchers Haze on the sponge today and he loved it.
Anna and Tracey from Craddys have also visited with Rob due in later.

19th October

Well all that nagging from Sam and threats from Caroline to not bring Reuben in worked! Nige managed 4 minutes with the cuff down!!!!
Reuben, Nige’s dog, was taken in to see Nige by Caroline and Helen this afternoon. When they brought Nige out he was in his chair and even Caroline had to look twice as Nige was sitting upright and supporting his head brilliantly.
Nige stroked Reuben with his new thumb action and Reuben put his front paws on his lap.

The highlight of the day was that Caroline was able to sit on Nigels lap and have a cuddle.

The physios and OTs have set a goal to get Nige outside, hopefully next week.

18th October

Nige really doing left hand movements today!

During physio today they mentioned they were seeing flickers and supporting Nigel’s hand to help him make more movements.

Nigel has refused cuff down again today but has promised to do tomorrow or Caroline threatened to not bring Reuben (their dog) in!

Full results from camera down throat tomorrow but they found a lesion which is common with trachys. ENT Dr will deal with this.

17th October

Sam saw Nige and he was very tired this morning, but seemed in good spirits. He was dreading the cuff today – something they have started doing to wean him off the trach yesterday but he hated it and stopped it straight away. He wasn’t looking forward to it today but appreciates it has to happen to move forward.

Nige has been on strike! Refusing turning and not wanting the cuff on his trachy down. He said he hates the trachy and Caroline told him the first stage in getting rid of it is to try to have it down for short periods. Nige is anxious about this but he has promised to try. Nige was tired but has perked up when Frankie and Jimi arrived.

Today they also did the camera down his throat and the great news is that Nige can swallow! They gave him some apple puree!

16th October

Nige was in good spirits today and spent 1 hour 10 minutes in his chair. He found this very tiring and had a good rest after. Nige is using the EyeGaze technology more regularly and getting good practice in.

15th October

Nige had a terrible night as there is a new patient who constantly shouts out but they both need to be in high obs bay. Thankfully he settled late in the morning.

Nige went for a wander in his chair down the end of the corridor and saw the outside for the first time in ages. His nurse today was really lush and communicated with him really well. The trachy is making him cough so much but they are beginning to wean him off it this week.

The thumb is phenomenal! Proper movement.

14th October

Sam and Marley visited in the morning and had a lush visit, Marley gave grandad a big kiss on the lippies 🙂 Nige was in the chair and said he’d been out of the ward that morning. Sam saw the thumb wiggle which is amazing, and sorted out the man united game for when we left.

Maddy, Nathan, Owen, Ruby & Harry visited in the afternoon and he was good, they arrived just when the match finished. Nige still showing off the thumb! Kids both chatting to him loads and making him laugh.

Nige was coughing loads, but bringing it all up.

13th October

Nick visited Nige and he was amazing full of laughter and chat had a lot to say and had a really good catch up. Nick said that in the 2 weeks he’d not seen him it was easy to see the massive improvements on moving and making it obvious what he’s on about.

12th October

Nige was moving his thumb a lot today. The doctors are discussing weaning him off the trache, which he is understandably quite anxious about. They also want Nige to go on the tilt table again. Also, Reuben has been invited back next week!


11th October

Nige is moving his left fingers and thumb. His OT also thinks there is movement in his hamstring. The night staff have all been told to be more attentive to Nige.

10th October

Nige now has a nurse from Enhanced Care called Alison, which was arranged by his SALT, Victoria. She will be very involved with his Eye Gaze and making sure Nige gets the more intensive nursing care he needs.

Nigel’s daughter Frankie and her boyfriend Jimi visited this evening, and played him 5 or 6 songs on guitar, which he loved.

9th October

Nige saw a psycologist today, but declined any psycological intervention. He has a hand massage, which sent him to sleep, and worked a lot with the SALT today.

7th October

Nige saw his brother Ralph and neice Katie today. Katie is only 7, and really enjoyed using the letter board. Nige wriggled his right toes, which Katie excitedly told the nurse! Nige was chesty again today, but bloods came back clear. His sister in law Gill saw him for the first time in a while, and she said he was the best she had ever seen him.

Nigel’s son in law Nathan ran the Bournemouth 10k today, and raised £350 for the Stroke Association.

6th October

Nige was sick overnight, but felt fine today. They are not sure why he is being sick. Frankie played guitar for Nige this morning, and when others visited in the afternoon he was chatty and in very high spirits.

3rd October

Nige was OK today,  just a bit coughy. Victoria, the Speech and Language Therapist is going to upload some more phrases onto his computer. Caroline saw his fingers move a little bit, and one of the nurses said that when she moves Nige, he no longer feels like a dead weight.

2nd October

Today, Nige began using Eye Gaze technology! It is a computer which responds to his eye movements. At the moment, he is able to select music, radio stations, view photos and select some basic phrases. More will be added as Nige becomes more confident with the technology. He did really well, but it is tiring for him. It is on loan to Nige for as long as he needs it. He also went down to a balcony on his chair for fresh air.

1st October

Nigel’s son Nick gave his tache a trim today, as it was tickling his nose! Marley, Nigel’s grandson, visited, and was much more comfortable with Grandad than previously, which cheered Nige up.

30th September

Nige can now wriggle his toes! He has been focussing on his left foot, and is now able to wriggle 4 toes on that foot. He also mouthed the word ‘One’ very clearly. No sound, but it was very easy to read his lips. Today was a great day.


29th September

Nige had a procedure today to fit a smaller trachy. It was uncomfortable and unpleasant for him, so he got a bit down. But the smaller trachy is great progress, and it will eventually be removed. He cheered up by the evening, when Mat visited. He read a few chapters of a book written by a survivor to Nige, a lot of which was very relatable, and Nige enjoyed it but found it emotional. He is now off antibiotics, and his chest infection is clearing up nicely.

27th September

Nige was bright and communicative today. His head and mouth movements were amazing. He sees to be making shapes with his mouth, and laughing without sound. He was remembering his time in ICU and got very emotional. Caroline and Nige met up with a charity called Headway, who provide emotional support for stroke victims and their families. Nige is now being seen by an additional speech therapist who specialises in strokes.

26th September

Nige was sick again today, and they think it is because of the timing and management of his feeds, so this will be adjusted. His referral to Frenchay has been accepted, but it will be a while before he is transferred.

23rd September

Nige has been referred to rehab at Frenchay. This will be when his general health is good enough, and will aide his recovery tremendously. His friend Deon, an Occupational Therapist, saw him, was very impressed and put his mind at ease about his care upon discharge.

Nige spent some time in his chair, and will hopefully get to go outside again next week.

He is still on antibiotics for his chest infection.

22nd September

Nige was a bit low in the morning, as he has picked up a second chest infection. It is being treated with antibiotics, and he felt much better by the afternoon. When family visited, he was joking around a lot with them. The nurses commented on handover ‘Nige was feeling poorly earlier, but his family sorted him out!’

The SALT has commented on Nigel’s improved mouth movements, and this has apparently caused quite a stir in the department! His neck control was very good today.

21st September

Nige was very communicative today. He is coughing a bit more, but he is getting more used to the process. Frankie played guitar for Nige in the evening, which he and the rest of the ward loved!

20th September

Nige spent some time on a tilt board in the morning, to help improve his stregnth and get him used to being upright. It was very tiring for him, but he did really well.  He had a visit from a therapy dog called Flash, which he loved. He will be visiting every week. His SALT discussed doing a procedure called FEES, which will assess Nigel’s swallowing. He hardly coughed at all today.

19th September

Nige had an X-Ray, which was all clear. He had 3 sessions with the physios and sat in his chair for an hour. He moves his head a lot when he is in the chair.
Caroline saw the consultant who said Nige is making good progress, but that he will be in hospital for a very long time.

18th September

Nige was sick this morning, which was unpleasant for him. He will have an X-Ray tomorrow, just a s a precaution, to make sure there is nothing on his chest. He was very bright and communicative today, smiling loads, and the nurses are interacting with him really well. Mat read some of ‘Running Free’, by Kate Allatt, a Locked In Syndrome survivor, which Nige enjoys.

15th September

Nigel’s dog Reuben vivited him today, which he loved! Also, Special Effects saw Nige again today, and they brought some Eye Gaze technology. He did really well with the activities, which involved having to concentrate on different parts of a screen. They are very impressed with him. They are going to work on some equipment more tailored to Nige, and will be back with it in a couple of weeks.
Nige had an operation to put his feeding tube into his stomach, which went well.

14th September

Nige was bright again today, and moving his head a lot. Caroline saw the psychologist and she gave her some relaxation/mindfulness/guided visualisations to do with Nige, which he enjoyed.

12th September

Nige was bright today. He really likes his Health Care Assistant, Charlotte. She and the rest of the ward staff are taking very good care of him,and communicating with him well. He is moving his head a lot more today,which is great as the movements had slowed down.

11th September

Nige saw a psycologist today. She is not too concerned about Nigel’s mental health, and did not recommend anti depressants. She suggests that the family all consult Nige on decisions, and that our communication with him is vital.

9th September

Caroline is not so impressed with the ward, as Nigel’s photos have all fallen down and left. They are communicating with Nige with cards, but he prefers the board. His movements have slowed down a bit, probably due to the move.

8th September

Nige completes his unfinished sentance from yesterday… ‘I WILL GET THE BASTARD!’ The bastard being the situation, not a person! He also had cuddles with his grandson Harry. He spent some time in his chair today. He is moved onto the neuro ward, but misses ICU  a bit. The ward is a lot less personal, but is a step in the right direction.


7th September

Special Effects visit Nige, to assess his eye movement. They decide to meet Nige again, with a screen using technology called Eye Gaze. He is very emotional today, and decides that he would like to see a psychologist. His work on the letter board is progressing at an incredible rate. Today he spelt ‘Sue’ (favorite nurse), ‘Stop putting yourself down’ (advice to Caroline), ‘Tomorrow bring Haze,’ ‘He was cool’ about the man from Special Effects and ‘I will get the ….’ to be continued tomorrow as he was very emotional at this point. Nige has been smiling and moving his head and left arm. The consultant said the arms may be spasms but definitely not the head.

6th September

It is decided that Nige will have his feeding tube removed from his nose and will have an operation to put it into his stomach. He is to be moved out of ICU and onto the stroke or neuro ward, as soon as a bed becomes available.
He was bright and alert this afternoon. He spelt out the name of a Welsh footballer and that he could feel his feet and then moved his right foot. The nurse said there had been some arm movement again and he is also able to attempt a smile.

4th September

Nige is doing really well with his speech therapy again. Nigel’s son Nick, and Caroline work with the SALT and Nige says he wants to use the letter board with all of his visitors.  He spelt Guildford and good nurse. He let Caroline know he wanted his eyes cleaning and to have the mouth sponge. He was also very emotional today. He is also moving his head, and arm very slightly. He is also puckering his lips, to ask for a kiss!

1st September

Physio and SALT are going really well and both are impressed with Nigel’s progress. He was on the ventilator in the morning, but off the rest of the day. His breathing is really good, and he only needs it to clear his chest. His chest infection is clearing really well, almost gone. The dentist is seeing Nige on Tuesday, and will either do a filling or remove the chipped tooth. It is causing him a bit of pain, so he is glad to get it sorted. Nigel’s grandchildren, Owen and Ruby visit for the first time, which cheerd him up. He also watched an England football match, so he’s happy!

31st August

Nige is really awake today, and very responsive. He is still moving his head slightly. His speech therapy went really well. He spelt his name and named his pets. It was tiring for him, but great progress.

30th August

Nige chips his front tooth! Just an accident, and a dentist is contacted. He is finding it hard to clear his secretions so they decide to do a tracheotomy, as expected.

29th August

The tube is removed, and temporarily replaced with an oxygen mask, just to help Nige until his breathing is strong enough on his own. Nigel’s daughter Maddy sits with the speech therapist, who says he was much more expressive with his eyes than her colleague described last week. She is contacting a charity, Special Effects, which makes electronic communication screens. But for now, Nige is using a low tech letter board to communicate. She is very impressed, and said it usually takes many weeks or months to achieve the progress Nige has. Maddy also speaks to Tim, who says that we are in unchartered waters, and significant recovery is very unlikely but possible. Nigel’s wife Caroline notices that Nige is moving his head! It is confirmed to not be a twitch, and Nige can do it on command.

27th August

The consultant Tim meets with all the family, in Nigel’s room. He lets us ask questions, and generally just talk about how Nige is amazing for being such a survivor, and that the road ahead will be long and difficult. We also discuss removing Nigel’s breathing tube, and the possibility of needing a tracheotomy is mentioned.

25th August

Nige starts Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) and physiotherapy. He uses an E-Tran board to communicate using eye movements. It has been established that looking up means yes, and closing his eyes means no.

24th August

Nigel’s brother Duncan visits. They had been estranged for many years, and only recently got back in touch. He travelled from France to see Nige.

Nick mentions to Caroline about the communication breakthrough.

23rd August

Nige is told of his condition, and is very clear about what he wants: to keep fighting, of course!

Unfortunately, Nige picked up a chest infection. It is being treated, and he is coughing well.

Nick had been researching LIS overnight and found that a spell board could work. Whilst it is quite with just Nick and Mat in the room Nick tries to communicate with Nige using the board. Nigel spells out “BANK” to Nick. Nick ask’s if he would like people to know about the communication and Nige says no. It seems very tiring but is a big breakthough.

22nd August

Nige survives the night. Many friends and family come back to the hospital. The consultant tells us that they will try to shed more light on Nigel’s condition. Many people go in to see and chat with him. No update is given until late in the evening, but all we are told is that the swelling on his brain is now going down, and will not kill him. Essentially, he was not supposed to survive, so the consultant does not know what the future will hold. He has already learned to communicate with vertical eye movements. The consultant plans on telling Nige the full extent of his condition in the morning, and asking him whether or not he wants to fight this.

21st August

Nige is taken into theatre. 2 clots in his brain stem are discovered, but the damage is too severe to operate. He is then sent to the Intensive Care Unit The family are called to the hospital, to be given the news that Nige is very unlikely to survive. It is apparent that he is still conscious, but unable to move. More family arrive. Throughout the day, the Neurosurgeon and ICU Consultant perform checks on Nige. In the evening, the family are told that Nigel only has hours, if not minutes to live. Family and friends begin to see Nigel for what they beleive will be the last time. Nige is not told of his fate. After many hours, a lot of family and friends go home, while Caroline, Nigel’s brother, Ralph, his wife, Louise, Nigel’s son, Mat, his sister-in-law, Gill and family friend, Sally, stay with Nigel overnight.

20th August

After feeling sick and dizzy for a few days, Nige is heard being sick, and suffers a seizure. He is rushed to A and E, where a brain stem stroke is diagnosed. His wife, Caroline, and son-in-law, Nathan are with him, and call Nigel’s 4 children to come to the hospital. Caroline stays with him overnight.