23rd October

Good news today – 2 rooms have become available at Mount Elton. They are decorating the rooms and having peg refresher training this week. According to Brokerage Nige should be in before his op

Nige was in good mood tonight, Caroline showed him the video tour of upstairs and caught him up on all the news. Frankie cut his nails

They are saying Nige may move this week but we will confirm as soon as we know.

21st October

Caroline had a lush afternoon in the garden with Nige and Auntie Gill. This morning Nathan, Maddy and Harry visited and Nige saw Harry walk.

The operation has been rescheduled for Thursday 1st November. Nige will arrive at BRI at 7.15am.

20th October

Caroline saw Nige with Deon this evening, he was OK and pleased to see Deon.
A nurse came in and said there had been an issue with handing over the notes to the BRI on Friday.

19th October

So, Nige got to hospital and got sent back without having the operation as there wasn’t a high dependency bed available. Really disappointing as an early start for Nige and a day wasted.

18th October

BIRU just called to update us today and Nige is having his op at the BRI tomorrow, not St Michaels as previously thought. They are now saying a bed has been booked for 2 nights though this can be flexible.