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Nigel Povey was a healthy and active 62 year old. On Sunday 20th August 2017, he suffered an incredibly rare brain stem stroke. He had been unwell for a few days, feeling dizzy and nauseated. This was diagnosed as Labyrinthitis, an ear infection. Following a seizure, he was rushed to A and E, where a CT scan confirmed a brain stem stroke. The following morning, Nigel was sent to theatre. 2 clots in his brainstem were found, but nothing could be done and damage was too severe to operate. The family were told on that morning that it was  extremely unlikely that Nigel would survive. Despite terrible odds, Nigel did survive, but was left with Locked In Syndrome. This means he is completely paralyzed, except for eye movements, yet fully conscious. We have created this blog to give regular updates on Nigel’s progress.

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